Wasps, Oh My

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Mar 18, 2013
I was looking over our new investment (travel trailer, Clipper 16B) and began to notice all the little spaces where wasps and black widows would LOVE to move-in. In our area, these are both common - I am constantly killing them around the yard and house.

Any tips & advice on what we can do to limit these pests in and on our trailer?
Go to your local RV store and get vent screens for your gas appliances. Other than that check the unit over once in a while and remove any you see. They will get anywhere they can, you just have to stay on top of them!

I travel with wasp spray and foam. I have also found the buggers building hives and nests inside of the electric boxes at campgrounds, especially if you end up in a seasonal spot that has been unused for awhile.

Nature trying to live with you...  it's all part of RV roaming and wheel estate.
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