Waste disposal system parts for a 2006 Alpenlite Voyager 31CK 5th wheel

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Dec 29, 2014
Kaysville, UT 84037
I recently brought used a beautiful 2006 Alpenlite Voyager 5th wheel.  Either on our way up or back from the only trip we used the RV, the flexible sewer hose came out and was 'ripped off' from its attachment located on the entry side of the RV.  A picture is attached.  The picture shows the elbow on the left coming from the value.  The part I need replaced is the hose that should fit over the flange male part that stretches from the entry side of the 5th wheel to the driver's side where the water input, outside shower, etc, is located.  Camping World, big box hardware stores just look at me like I am crazy.  Help me, please!


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Is the hose anything other than the standard 3" sewer hose? A heavy duty one, of course?  The pipe and the male end sure look like it...
Buy whatever size hose is long enough and cut to length.
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It looks like that flange can be screwed out.  Would it help to remove the flange and use that threaded fitting as your starting point?

Is regular RV sewer hose the right size for the flange?

What is the OD of the flange?
Appreciate your response.  You noticed the same thing I did...the part seems to be threaded but after putting all my energy using a pipe wrench and a oil filter wrench, it would not budge.  Using a light shining into the flange via a mirror, I could see what seems to be remnants of glue inside.  My challenge has been finding something that can be securely attached to the flange and yet able to be configured into a sewer hose. 

Tomorrow, I am going to a couple of specialty plumbing supply stores for help.  The OD of the flange is 2 7/8's inch.
My problem is that I cannot find any fittings to fit over the existing male end snuggly enough to take clamps to form a seal.
What "fitting" have you tried?  Are you saying a 3" sewer hose is a sloppy fit?  If not, there are other styles of 3" hoses that probably have a different I.D.  We can't tell the exact diameter from that picture, so hard to offer constructive help, but you can be sure that the RV maker just bought some off-the-shelf tube/hose for that purpose.
Waste water hoses are low (essentially zero) pressure and non-rigid, so don't have any special attributes.
Thanks, Rene!

Go to Amazon and search 3 inch flex hose.  They had a few hoses that should work.  Use  a hose clamp to attach to your existing flange.  If the hose is a bit too big, wrap a few turns of duct tape around the flange.  Hope this helps

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