Water Damage on Travel Trailer - Fix Roof or Walls First?

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Jan 5, 2019
I've got some evident water damage on my 2006 Fleetwood Orbit travel trailer.  I'm planning to tackle this myself after watching/reading everything I can get my hands on.  Because I have a full time job, it'll have to be done in stages. 

My question is whether there's any advantage to doing the roof replacement or wall repair first.  Thank you for your advice.
Welcome to the forum. I would do the roof 1st. Then the walls. Makes no sense to repair the walls only to have them get wet because of a leaking roof.
Thank you.  That's what I was thinking, but didn't know if there would be something about doing the walls first that would make the roof easier.  Makes total sense to do the roof first and stop the bleeding.
Welcome to the forum James,

Have you cover the TT with a trap to stop further damage. And if possible it would help if your able to get some air flow inside the walls until you can make repairs. You don't want to have to deal will mold or mildew.

Best of luck
Old_Crow said:
6:06 am.  Probably hadn't finished his first cup of coffee yet.

I fixed it before you two said anything. I proof read it before I read your posts. Thanks anyway.  :mad: :-[ :-\ :)(
Hope you have a covered area to work on your RV.  I was planning on replacing my own roof and bought the new roof liner, adhesive, and other items as a DIY job with the wive to do over Memorial Day weekend.  It hadn't rained in weeks until the time came for me to do the job.

Roof replacement tip:  Pro's who do camper roof replacements often place the awkward and heavy air conditioner unit on the slide.  A mover's blanket should protect the liner on the slide form any nicks.

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