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Apr 6, 2013
I had to replace my water pump on my camper and it was working just fine.  I turned off the pump and hooked up the hose to see if evrething flows that way also.  At that time, the toilet and shower work, but nothing flows through the sink.  I put the pump back on and the toilet and shower still works, but nothing in the main sink.  Does anyone know what the issue may be? 
Try unscrewing the aerator from the tip of the sink faucet. It is probably clogged. You mighr be able to clean it, but they are cheap and available at any hardware store.

I can't think of anything you could have done to cause that by replacing the pump, so probably a coincidence. Try cleaning the faucet aerator as Joel suggests. If that doesn't do it, try to find where the water lines tees to feed the sinks. Maybe some crud broke loose and jammed in the tee fitting.

By the way, does either sink work, i.e. kitchen or bath?
Had just this problem in an RV I assisted with some Sat TV issues.

MOEN faucet has a filter in the "Wand" (this had a pull out wand, same as my Delta Knockoff does) and the filter was completly clogged.

The first reply above is also a good suspect.  same idea, other end of the same wand.
Thank you everyone for your comments.  I went to the hardware store and picked up a $2 aerator, all is working just fine.

Thank you again.
The Moen units often have a filter at the bottom of the wand as well, been there, done that. It does not take much to plug those fine filters!!
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