Water heater and furnace not working

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Oct 8, 2012
Hey guys seeing if i could get some help on this one.  I have a 26 terry and last winter the furnace and water heater just stopped working.  Here's the deal I have changed out the propane, changed the batteries(they are good), also changed out the propane connections and the regulator.  Still having the problem.  The stove works fine.  The blower comes on the furnace and you can smell gas and the pilot clicking but that's it.  As for the water heater you can hear the pilot clicking but nothing else.  I did notice that when the water heater first went out it would come on and then shut right off but now nothing.  I find it hard to believe that both would go out at the same time.  Can anyone help with this issue.
Water heater clean the burner tube.  Furnace sail switch.
The burner tube is clean nothing blocking it, you have any other recommendations.  Also where is that sail switch located at?
The furnace sail switch is ok if he hears the igniter clicking. That won't happen unless the sail switch is in the closed position, indicating adequate air flow. There is a comprehensive Furnace Troubleshooting document in the Forum Library if you want to learn more.

If both water heater and furnace stopped working on LP at the same time, I would first suspect a problem in the LP line.  Could be a blockage after the stove feed, or may be insufficient LP flow for those appliances - they suck a lot more propane than the stove. Or it might just be air in the lines and you just need to keep trying (and let the stove burn while doing it).

Try lighting the water heater with a butane lighter to see if it starts that way.
The camper is about 1.5 hrs away so I'm trying to get a  few ideas of things to do before I go up there.  When you turn the furnace on the blower kicks on and you can here the pilot clicking also I can smell gas as well.  This lp line you talk about where would that be located?
The LP line starts at the tank, goes through a regulator, and then is distributed to the rest of the Rv's appliances through a combination of black iron pipe and flex tubing.
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