water in mexico

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Apr 18, 2005
planning on spending the winter in mexico.  what is the best way to insure safe drinking water.
stars said:
? what is the best way to insure safe drinking water.

Having just? spent 40 days in Mexico from Mazatlan to Ensenada, I can tell you to buy? bottled water.? It is sold everywhere in Mexico in containers you bring them (any size), or you can buy 5 gallon jugs from them.? I had purchased? cases of bottled water prior to entering Mexico and we did not use all of it due to the ease of getting water in bigger quantities.? The water is inexpensive and often water trucks drove through campgrounds honking their horns to announce their sale of water. Cities all seemed to have water stores as well and many of them delivered the jugs right to your car.? We? purchased a smaller 2 gallon container with a spigot at the bottom to use in the coach for? drinking water, teeth brushing and coffee. Wal-Mart I think.? It was easier to handle than the? 5 gallon jug.? When empty Terry filled it from the bigger jug which we kept in a bay.?

When we? filled our holding tanks we used Chlorox in the tanks.? I thought if a little was good a lot would be better.? Wrong!? My showers smelled like? a public swimming pool, my hair bleached out and my tan went away.? The next few fill ups we used the prescribed amount which is only drops per gallon.? I don't recall the exact ratio but don't over do it.

When we first arrived in Mexico we were all using limes to? drench our lettuce and to rub on silverware in restaurants and using no ice in drinks.? By the end of the trip we were eating? fresh tacos off the? streets from the vendors with no problems.? Have fun.
Betty Brewer
Thanks so much for your reply.  We were really glad to hear that you had such a great time.  We are really excited about going and looking forward to the adventure.  Someone had told me the water was expensive so I was worried about that.What about fresh vegetables and fruits?  Anything else we should know?  We are planning on spending 6 weeks in the San Carlos area. :)
I'll always recall excusing myself from the table at an upscale restaurant in Ensenada to go to the men's room. Our table had a carafe of crystal clear water and it also had been "sealed" with a shiny metal cap. Nice, I thought, that they would be so concerned for the purity of the water served to us.

I was directed to the men's room and as I passed a kitchen area I observed two very young men filling similar carafe's...directly out of a rusty spigot and neatly sealing them with those shiny caps.

So much for pure thoughts. "No problema".
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