Water leak cleanup

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Dec 8, 2015
Houston TX
Apparently we had a leak in the ice maker line. Probably wouldn?t have been as big of deal but we pulled the slides in last night because of a storm. This caused the leak to drip in the center of the kitchen floor instead of running out of the refrigerator cover. Thankfully we are in our own driveway so I had access to shop vacs, fans, and a dehumidifier. Carpets were pretty wet along the edge of the vinyl flooring, slightly damp in Other areas. We must be slightly out of level since the water seems to have flowed toward the drivers side. Unfortunately I can?t tell where water might have gone that I can?t see or feel. The carpet is under every thing. I have every cabinet and compartment open with fans and a big dehumidifier going. I know Winnebago uses a better grade plywood in the flooring, but how worried should I be about the floors?  Do I need to pull all the carpet out of 40 foot RV?  Has anyone successfully made an insurance claim for something like this?
I wouldn't worry about it just keep the dehumidifier going for a few days. Where you just caught the problem right away, I don't believe it had time to do any permanent damage.
Thanks for the replies.  Carpets are drying nicely but look a bit yellowed. Realized the carpet under the kitchen cabinets was damp so it had to slit the plastic to try to get air to them. I get they install the flooring first but was is the point of putting carpet, then thick plastic over the carpet under the kitchen cabinets?  I guess the water wicked from the 4? of carpet exposed in front of the cabinets. Hopefully I can keep ahead of the musty odor.

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