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Dec 21, 2010
Hello all ...

The other day while camping in Pahrump, NV I used the internal black water tank cleaner system. After running off a water hose four maybe 10 minutes, a water leak occured. I shut off the water and drained the tank. Since, the leak has stopped even after dumping a half filled tank today. Any comments? Thanks.
I guess the black tank cleaner system you are talking about is the spray nozzles inside the tank. If I recall they say you are to have the dump valve open when you use this and it sounds like your dump valve was closed. Is it possible that you overfilled the tank a bit and pushed some out at a vent or joint in the vent that usually does not have liquid on it? That would be the only reason I can think that the leak would repair itself. Your plumbing diagrams might also give you some ideas.
Yeah, that makes sense. They said the water pressure is high at this RV park and I didn't install the regulator on the cleaning system hose. I'll look under there tomorrow. Thank you.
I have a black water tank flush leak as well on my 5th wheel Open Range but I used my regulator and had the valve open. The leak is in a spot where I can't quite see so I just live with it.
There is a vacuum break between the inlet for the black tank flush and the tank. These are famous for leaking. They are in different places. One of mine was behind the shower wall,oh what fun, and the new 5er it is located under the bathroom sink. I had to replace it on both my 5ers. I got the replacement from Cullum and Maxie in Nashville, TN and have had no further problems.
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