Water pump noise when recycling

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Sep 30, 2009
I have the original water pump in my 2004 Fleetwood Terra.  It is a little noisy when in use from constantly recycles.  I don't believe there is anything wrong, but I was wonder if a newer pump would provide more pressure and less noise.  I noticed that CW advertizing a pump for under $70 that has a built in pulse eliminator and it also states that there is no need for an accumulator tank.  Will this take care of my problem?
I had that problem with my rig too.  There was supposed to be air at the top of the hot water tank to provide some accumulation so the pump does not cycle repeatedly while in use, but I seemed to lose this fairly quickly. No drips from my water heater relief valve, but must have been enough to let the air out, or perhaps getting absorbed in the water.    Anyway, the solution was an accumulator kit I got from an RV supply place. 

It's just basically a small bladder tank that keeps air pressure on the line.  It fit up under my sink with the fittings between the water line and the sink faucet (cold water) mating right up to the to the in/out fittings of the surge tank.  A quick job, no tools needed.  This solved it!


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