Water pump noise

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Aug 6, 2017
I designed a device to reduce the noise of the water pump of a recreational vehicle.  This device is very effective and at low cost.  The majority of the noise comes from the impulses created by the pump. These impulses are transmitted into the water and vibrate the pipes of the RV.

Take a look to me Utube : https://youtu.be/4mRXAOALYvI

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I like a little bit of noise from my pump.  It lets me know when/if I have a loss of pressure, i.e a leak.
The techniques for noise reduction are known and documented. Basically two parts:

1. A floating mount of some kind, anywhere from rubber feet to a board suspending in air somehow

2. Water line connections made from soft, flexible tubing. You only need a foot or two of the flex tubing, so it can be spliced into existing plumbing.

Here is a previous discussion on this site:

Here are some products and articles that can help:

Hi Gary,

I agree with you for a ''pump floating mount'' and ''flexible tubing'' are well know and documented for a long time...

But I think the majority of the noise produced is from the impulses created by the pump into the water. I designed, build and installed a home maid ''water pressure damper device''  (PEX hose, fitting, etc) after the pump to soften the water hammering. It works very well for the price.

I think this aspect of the ''impulses created by the pump'' is not well documented. If so, I did not see some.

Have a nice day

Not sure what you mean by "impulses".  Obviously the pump makes noise as it cycles on to build pressure, but the only way to reduce that is to cycle less often. Some people add an accumulator (pressure tank) to assist with that, and it also dampens any pressure surge.  The purpose of the softer hoses to to alleviate the hose reaction to the change in pump pressure/flow that can jerk the hose briefly.

It was not evident from the video what your add-on device does.  Further, if you want to market it here, you have to buy advertising space.
Google "rv water pump silencing kit" they have been available for years.
I agree with Bobtop46, I like to hear it running, especially since I had to replace it in the first year I owned the coach.  One of many things that I have had replaced or I replaced over the past three summers. :mad:
If you want a quite, reliable water pump, can run dry, this is it. I had two of these in my houseboat. They expensive up front, but they can be rebuilt and will last years longer. The difference in noise between the normally installed pump and this style is night and day, just throwing that out incase someone is looking for options,,,gregg

What I mean by ''Impulse'' is that:

1- This video on You Tube explains the basic Principe of the variation of pressure for a diaphragm pump:


2- Also, the first half part of this video on You Tube is very interesting: 


Have a nice day

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