Water Valve replacement and filtration

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Jul 11, 2018
Los Angeles
Hi Members, First post here and first time RVer who is a DIY.

I have a 1996 Georgie Boy Swinger and I'm having a water leak which I think is coming from a bad water release valve. I bought a new piece of PEX hose from Home Depot and cutter. I'm going to attempt to cut the copper band holding the existing valve in place with my dremel (any tips)? I have to do it in place under the back bed so it's going to be an ordeal. I figured since I was there and already messing around with the water system maybe I should install a filteration system because it doesn't have anything.

The only thing the previous owner did was use a hose adapter filter nozzle (simple brass type) at the water entry point.

I read the Library on water filtration and there's a lot of back and forth about what's best but my guess is this.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Buy an entry point filter system/softener
[*]Buy a charcoal system for under the bed where the pump is?
[*]Buy an additional filter with spigot for at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking. (this way I'm double filtering the most important water).


I'm attaching an image of my current under bed and valves which I will be replacing.

How do you feel about the Shark Bite connectors? They seem simple but $$$


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Yes, you can use a Dremel to cut the bands off.  Shark Bite or similar brand pish-t0-fit connectors work fine. Brands such as Blue Hawk (Lowes) or Watts are somewhat less expensive. Cheaper still are Flair or Quest compression fittings (no tools needed).  I've used them all successfully.

Filtration depends on what yu want to filter out. A Basic sand and crud carbon filter that connects between your hose and the RV is the simplest method. If you want finer filtration to remove more & smaller particles, you need a larger filter with finer media. Larger to mainatin adequate flow and finer to get the smaller stuff.

Here's a site that has excellent info (and quality products as well).
Looking at your picture, I'm thinking those 2 valves are what we call "low point drain valves". They're used to drain the entire system prior to winterizing.
Charlotte-96 said:
Thanks, I replaced those.  :eek:

Are those what you call a "bad water release valve"? I was thinking you were talking about the pressure/temperature relief valve outside behind the access door.  :eek: ::) :D
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