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Helaine & Wally

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Mar 3, 2005
After visiting with Lankford's,Brewers, Reiters, and Binningers in our last weeks in OR we left and headed south. Now a month later we are in Parker AZ, We will make a day trip soon and check on rally site in QZ.
Since we are not working this winter we are driving short and parking long. about 3 weeks here, then Scottsdale for a week, then Tuscon, Yuma then QZ.  Dates are loose. But we will be somewhere in area.
We didn't do well in the casinos but Wally was contacted by an RVer with inverter problems. Paid off a whole lot better than the slots did.
We are in Parker, Emerald Cove. and as luck would have it ,parked right next to a guy with Sat set-up. Last name Nully, Knows Ron Ruward. So for at least a little bit I can catch up with you all and see you on the desert



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Feb 1, 2005
Good to hear from you again and welcome back to AZ.  Looking forward to seeing you again this winter.
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