We Did It! Fleetwood Excursion 40E

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Aug 31, 2018
Was Abington PA, Now where we park
After 6+ months of reading (books & online) investigating and agonizing, we found a well loved & maintained DP. t had a few issues that the owner told us about and allowed for in the price (but time will tell)
It's in a storage yard for now since my wife cannot take off enough time for us to travel to warmer climes yet, but we will be taking it out for (long) weekends in the spring onward until she joins me in retirement. Then it's off to see the wizard (or at least the lower 48)
Thanks to all who have posted, and to those who answered our questions when posted.
I do have a question that I will post elsewhere with regard to the dash heat/AC (no heat or ac - just outside air temp coming through)
Since I'm always behind the camera, here is my wife and our future home.
Ike & Sheila


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Congrats! That is identical to ours.  We brought in 09 new. have 81k miles done 45 ststes including Alaska (will never do Top Of The Road again). Only 2 major issues so far turbo at 17k & electric jacks before that. Good luck and fun travels.
Interesting that you had an issue with the jacks! That is an issue with mine that we were told of and had the sales price reduced to cover.
The original owner had a shear pin snap on the left front jack, had it repaired, re-installed it and then none of the jacks will function. He was on the phone with fleetwood prior to our purchase and went through all of their sequences, got each to work individually but not together. Finally was told to take it to a local dealer to fix which is where we are now. I have the appointment end of Nov with them.
If you can think of anything, let me know!
Otherwise, other than slight surface wear on the seats (no holes) and a few cords on the shades broken everything looks like new!
We are looking forward to using it once the weather breaks
Unfortunately there are numerous of us with the electric jacks that have had numerous issues of various kinds.  Sounds like yours is locked in the "error mode".  There is good info on website about how to reset after repair and much more. Suggest downloading and having readily available. Make sure you have the new rubber covers and they are sealed.  (First rule of electricity "water and electricity do not mix well") There are numerous threads on these jacks on this forum and the IRV2.com.  The good news is that after much reading,  learning and sealing mine have been pretty useable for the last few years, but like all things they need periodic inspection and maintenance (after it is a motorhome).  If you are somewhat electrical and mechanically inclined and able to get under and do the maintenance you will be fine. BTW on the other issue with heat and air inop it's probable not the hot water valves as I said yesterday but a control issue, probably in dash area, check for loose connection, bad switch or fuse located under the dash as well as in electric bay behind driver side duals.  Good luck!  If I can be of help send PM through this site.
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