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Jun 10, 2016
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... and now need to turn it into a toad.  (?Adios, Saturn Vue... you?ve been a good one!?  ?Hola Honda CR V ... Have heard good things about you!?)
We have a Blue Ox system on the coach and need to get base plate installed on the CR V get her wired up. We want to get rid of our portable braking system and get an installed braking system.
Looking for recommendations for any and all the goodies we?ll need. (Also, is our old RVi2 worth anything?)
I have the RVi2 that was given to me and really like it.  Last December I purchased the SMI Stay & Play Duo that is still in the box unused.  The SMI was supposed to go in my Tacoma at the time but I could not find the space to mount it.  My current toad is an Explorer and haven't decided if I want to install the SMI or not.  The RVi remotely tells me in the coach when the brakes are being applied, the SMI is a light in the windshield of the toad which is seen through the rear camera.  There is an add-on to wire an in cab light for the SMI though which is an additional expense and a PITA to install. I may sell the SMI and start my Christmas shopping for my DW. That is a win-win  :)

I recommend the Demco (SMI) Stay-in-play. I have no experience with it. But, we have their Air Force One system  and are very pleased with it. They are very similar. The AF1 is for diesel coaches and the SIP is for gas coaches.
I love my SMI Stay & Play Duo, works perfectly for me. I did move the light that lets me know the syustem is operational and run a wire up to the motorhome dash area. My back up camera didn't pick up the light well in certain light conditions. So easy to use, I flick the on off switch and away we go. I would buy another one should we ever need to. 
There are many good systems some of which you may not be able to use.
For a motorhome with air brakes there are a couple of air-powered systems like the M&G (If it fits on the towed) and some others that can use either compressor air or motorhome brake system air.

For all motor homes there are a lot of electric systems. My personal favorite electric is the Unified Brake Decelerator.  It gives you a lot of flexibility more than any other

Adjustable gain (You can disable the system by setting it to zero) and the ability to MANUALLY activate the brakes from the motorhome cockpit are the major features..
I had the Stay-in-Play in hand but did not install it because our Motorhome activates brake lights with the exhaust brake.  Apparently it is a Federal thing and very difficult to bypass on the Freightliner chassis.  Bottom line, the Stay-in-Play relies on that brake light activation, combined with inertia, to operate.  What I didn't want was continuous operation down a mountain pass because of my exhaust brake causing the brake lights to come on.  The Vendor (SMI) recommended just backing off on the Stay-in-Play and I won't have a problem, but in my mind I won't have braking either!  I went to an RVi2.  Not thrilled with it, but I think it will work if I get a break away.

Thanks for the info Mile High, I did not know that.  I guess the SMI will not be installed in my Explorer.  Now it is definitely for sale and I'll stick with the RVI2.
What mile high was talking about only applies to diesels, with exhaust brakes. It doesn't apply to gas motorhomes.
I don't know what year it became mandatory for the brake lights to come on with the exhaust brake.  my 2013 may have been the first - just not sure.  It really is annoying because folks think you are riding your brakes all the way down the pass.
Brad, the brake lights coming on with the exhaust brake goes back beyond 2013. My 2010 does it too. I had never heard that'll this was a legal requirement.  But I had heard that all Freightliner mh chassis behave this way.
ChasA said:
Brad, the brake lights coming on with the exhaust brake goes back beyond 2013. My 2010 does it too. I had never heard that'll this was a legal requirement.  But I had heard that all Freightliner mh chassis behave this way.
I don't know what the legal source is, but I know Spartan did it too, they just make it a little more public how to defeat it (Relay).
Just curous, is it an older CRV or a new one with standard shift.  We have a 2018 automatic and I asked the service tech if we could flat tow it and they said no. 

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