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Feb 12, 2006
Hey everyone, Ok we did it and are very happy with our partial toy. We purchased a Chevy van conversion with a 5.7 v8 engine, so far haven't checked the mileage but will soon. It has a tow package on it already, vehicle has been well taken care of, good maintenence records and such. The travel trailer is waiting in WI once we arrive, not sure what floor plan as the pics are limited on the web, so we will have to look around to find one that fits our needs. Will be in WI in August of 2006 for a family reunion but after that we will be on the road. Hope to see at least some of you out there.
We are leaving CO at the end of July.
Welcome to the RV Forum Steve,

It's always exciting getting a new toy, even if it's missing a piece here and there :D If you have any questions, this is the place to ask them.

I'm a little confused - You said the TT is waiting for you, but you haven't picked out a floor plan yet? What models are you looking at, and where are you planning on making your purchase? A little more info about it and the van conversion (GVWR, GCWR, towing capacity etc.) might enable our towing experts to guide you in the right direction. You wouldn't want something that's too heavy for your specific needs or capabilities of the van, and you can't believe what a salesman tells you. We're here to help.

Where in Wisconsin will you be going? I'm currently in Elkhart Lake for the summer.
We are currently in Colorado, San Louis Valley, when I say the TT is waiting for us I meant that we have looked on line at many sites,have seen many that we like but the pics on line don't always show everything, nor do they give all info about the trailers, besides that the cost compared to CO are much less in WI and yes we will have to go according to Vehicle towing capacity and such. I don't have that info at hand but will stay in touch with you all because I have received alot of very important information from everyone in the forum and from the library.

We will be in Minominee Falls for a family reunion around the 1st of August ( near Milwaukee ) until about 2 weeks after the 12th. All our kids and grand kids live out there.

I am still working at this time full time but soon will be retired, like the end of this month. Speaking of work I need to get going.
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