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Mar 11, 2005
wherever we are parked
Well after 6 long months of paralysis analysis, we ordered our coach today.?

After narrowing our list down to Beaver, Mandalay, and Kountry Star, then eliminating Mandalay because of quality concerns ...? drums rolling .... Kountry Star got the nod, mainly because of Newmar's sterling reputation.? Also because Newmar allows custom changes on their coaches and this went a long way in making my Admiral a happy Admiral.? We ended up with 6 "specials" as they call them.? I felt I got off easy (Newmar charges extra for each special) because over on the Newmar email list there is a file you can download of what specials people have ordered in the past.? One fellow ordered 168 specials!!? I can't imagine a number that large lol.? ?But those special lists do make interesting reading and we got a lot of ideas from just perusing them.

We ordered the 2005 KS3910 Kountry Star by Newmar and put every one of the options on it that were available.? It was either that, or getting a stripped down Dutch Star.? We decided the Dutch Star mainly offers a bigger engine and slightly more storage on the same chassis and we felt the Cummins 330 would be more economical for us once we switch to fixed income.? Besides, we wanted to pamper ourselves with things like in motion satellite, wood plank flooring, weather sensitive awnings, extra large refrige, etc.? The step up to the Dutch Star would have meant a higher fuel bill and many fewer amenities.

We have lots and lots of work to do between now and delivery.? About 90% of what we own will be sold or given away.? This is a huge step and the Admiral and I vacillate between excitement, joy, fear, sadness, anticipation, pride, and just about every other emotion you can imagine.? I know many of you have gone down this road before us.? We are racing to catch up to you.

It reminds me of the trapeze artist.? You swing out on the first trapeze.? You see the new one swinging towards you.? You reach towards the new one with both fear of falling and anticipation of taking a new ride.? Then comes that critical moment when you absolutely must grab hold of the new one and let go of the old one.? We have just today reached that critical moment!!

We look forward now, in the years to come, to cross paths with you and get to enjoy a campfire or two with our new framily!? ;D


Congratulations.  When is the new Coach scheuled to be delivered?  Sounds like you are well on your way to living your dream.
Heah smoky, I'm very happy for you and the Admiral.

After all of these months of research, the deed is done. 

I'm sure the excitement of this moment will last for a long, long while.

The very best to you as a fulltimer.


Thanks all and yes, still excited this morning.?

Ron, they do not have an exact date yet.? We are estimating on or about the Memorial Day weekend.?

We'd love to get it then as there is a good Sam Jamboree being held just 20 minutes from the dealer.? Today the dealer is faxing me a computer sheet from Newmar verifying all the standard items, options selected, and specials we asked for, for us to confirm.? After that we wait until Newmar gives us the date the coach goes on the assembly line.? I'd love to go out to Indiana to watch our coach go down the line, but not sure yet if I will have the time to do that.? They said I could even take pictures of the interior wiring and plumbing before the walls go up.? Might be handy to have those in the years to come.
Now the adventure begins!  Congrats, Smoky.

Looks like memorial day will seem like a long way off with the anticipation of delivery of your new coach.  We are excited with you.  I know you will enjoy the travels you will have in the new coach. 
Congratulations Smoky and the Admiral!  When Ned and I sold 95% of our stuff it was the happiest day of our lives, it was like a load off our shoulders.  There were only a couple of things we probably should have kept but you can always replace them.  Some things went to family and friends.  Some items were on loan if and when we decide to settle somewhere someday?????  We start our 9th year in May.

We are planning to follow in your footsteps later this year and are experiencing exactly the same feelings. Congratulations on reaching your "'big" step.
Congratulations Smokey!!  I am sure that you and the admiral will have many years and miles of enjoyment from your new coach.  We hope to see you two at one of our rallies in the not too distant future.
Congratulations on the new coach.  A neighbor or ours at our RV park in Florida just got the same model.  4 slides and Coast Cherry finish.  It's beautiful.  We'll have been full timing for 5 years in May, in our TS fiver.  No regrets so far.  Still pondering a motor home.  Maybe next year.

Again, thanks all!  We can't wait to meet each one of you at the campfire.

Amazing!  We got the coastal cherry finish also!  Nimbus gray full body paint with the blue deco interior (except where the Admiral made special orders).
Howdy, Smokey.

Congratulations on your final choice of motorhome. We are wishing you many Happy Trails!!  The adventure is just beginning.:D

Liz and Jack
Fulltiming for 10 years, now.
Hi Smokey,

Congratulations on your new home. Hope you have as many happy miles as we have! Looking forward to meeting you in person someday.

Congratulations on your new coach, it sounds beautiful.  It would be so freeing to get rid of all that stuff.  We live in Western Pennsylvania and still maintain a loghome.  Our Gulfstream is 3 years old, but nothing like your new coach. We were in Kalispell sp.  2 years ago when we drove cross country to California.  Our friends built a retirement Cedar home in Swan Lake.  Certainly beautiful country, deer in all their meadows.  Our friends just bought a travel trailer, and we are probably going to meet them in early July at Yellowstone, and also visit with them and possibly drive up to Glacier with our CRV tow vehicle.  They are really great people.  I will pass the site on to them.  Have fun and happy traveling.

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