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Steve CDN

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Jan 31, 2005
The Company formerly known as? A Weigh we Go was here at TGO today and I spoke to their East coast Rep, who happens to also live in the park.

The Company name is now RVSEF? Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation,

The Executive Director is Walter Cannon and the company is located at

4575 Annette Court.

Merritt Island, FL 32953

Walter can be reached at? ? [email protected]? by email? or

Phone? (321) 453-7673

FAX? ? ? (321) 453-3853

Has anyone had experience with the new Company for weighing the coach or feedback on their seminars?

Has anyone had experience with the new Company for weighing the coach or feedback on their seminars?

Not since they changed from aweigh we go.  However John Anderson the founder of A'Weigh We GO is on the board and still has his hands in the new organization.  I think they are alright.  Haven't heard anything negative about them.  I think they do a great service in advancing RVing safety.
Any suggestions how to get weighed if these guys aren't available?  I use the truck scales at a truck stop in CA on my way north.  I can weigh each axle and the toad on three separate platforms; however, because of structures alongside the scales, I can't weight left and right, which would be useful. 

Just keep looking around and you will find a scale without any obstructions along side. Some are even level with the surrounding ground/pavement, which is best.  Moving companies, grain elevators and such typically have flush mounted scales.

A tilt can throw off the side to side weights a surprising amount - it's usually only 0.5-1.0% weight shift, but 1% of 15,000 pounds is 150. And the tilt produces a lightening of one side while adding to the other, so it can result in a couple hundred pound differential.
Pat-when you get to Oregon, the state wt stations for logging trucks are usually left on while unmanned. I have done single wheel wts at these.
Good reminder about the tilt.  I probably would have suspected that instinctively, but I also probably would have doubted my suspicions. 

On OR58 from Eugene to Westfir, where I spend the summer, there's at least one active weigh station.  I've often wondered if the scales are on.  It's a treacherous highway because of the humongous amount of traffic and the twisting nature of the road, so I can't be pulling out and around a few times to reposition the sides.  I'll check it out in the car first.  I can skip weighing in a truck stop and just do it in OR.

There's an old abandoned weigh station right across the street from the RV park.  Too bad it's not functional.

You might try a landscape supply place (bulk rocks, bark, etc), like Pioneer here in the Denver area.  Some of them have the scales located so that one side is open to do single wheel weights.  Just did mine again a couple of days ago after changing the loading.  You can even get them to certify the weights for about $10 if you want.


1999 Coachmen Mirada 28Q
Denver, CO
Howard:  Thanks for the suggestion.  I was about to joke they don't got no stinkin' landscaping here in Arizona, but, come to think of it, there's gravel all over the place.  I'll keep my eyes peeled. 

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