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Sep 9, 2011
I am cross posting this because folks in the Remodeling forum misunderstood my question and think we have a Class A ...

I'd like to replace our couch with "normal" furniture.  My hesitation is based on a few questions: 
- would household furniture weigh more or less than RV furniture?  Is there a database somewhere that I can compare weights?
- I also need to maximize storage space, since there are 5 of us
- I HATE dinette bench sets.  I want a sturdy four legged table, and we really prefer a gigantic couch to lounge on, rather than separate benches.

I don't really care if we have a fold out couch.  Kids' sleepovers can sleep on floor or one can sleep on the couch. 

I have been storing things under the couch, though, so I need to find a solution that allows for that, too.  I prefer bins and shelves over drawers.
Anything designed for an RV will usually be lighter than a stick house equivalent. Everything about an RV is concerned with weight in some fashion.  That being said, replacing a few pieces of furniture shouldn't make a significant difference in the overall weight of the rig.

The replacement of the storage space may be more difficult.  You may need to reevaluate your current storage to find space for the items that you are displacing.  You may be able to add sliding storage racks (I got mine at Home Depot) to multiply the storage in my basement area. 
Janis, I understood that you have a trailer and sorry if the seat belt discussion confused you.  That's why I said it was irrelevant as it didn't apply to your question, your question is certainly valid.

The biggest difference in RV and home furniture is that in an RV the heavier pieces are secured to the floor and/or walls so they don't move around.  That said, many of us have residential recliners and even couches and don't worry about it.  In normal operation, they stay in place pretty well.  We have a recliner that will slide forward in a hard stop, but it's not a hazard (so far).
My wife and I just got done with a remodel of our home and of course my wife must have new furniture.

What we have found was for a home most furniture is bulkier and heavier but we also found that there is a lot of furniture that is not.

I think if you look around you will be able to find what you want without adding a lot of weight to your RV. If you end up adding a little weight I don't think you will notice it much. I wouldn't go crazy though or you may start taxing the GVW of your RV.
I will admit my Jayco came with the optional Flexsteel recliner. I'll say its a very heavy piece and doesn't move at all while in tow. But as for replacing furniture I would be cautious of how much and how heavy it is. 
It all depends on your choice of furniture. Residential stuff isn't necessarily heavier; sometime s the opposite. My Flexsteel recliner in the coach is heavier than either of the recliners in out stick house, for example.

Style makes a difference - Danish Modern, for example, is often slim and light while Mission is typically heavier.
i think I have decided that a custom piece is going to work best.  Basically, a day bed will give us the large couch we desire, and having it custom built means we can build storage cubbies into the base.  We can customize it with stained woodwork, which is much more appealing to me than upholstery.  I think eliminating the giant metal frame of the foldout bed will give us much more flexibility with the weight.  We have floor space, that is large enough for an inflatable queen size mattress, so we aren't really sacrificin sleeping space.  (not that I particularly relish the idea of extra Adults in this space anyway)

I doubt the weight difference would be substantial enough to cause issues....and if it does, you were marginal to begin with.  As mentioned above, anchoring it down would be a good idea.....panic stop situations come to mind. 

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