Weird question... How big is your bathroom in your RV

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Oct 10, 2005
Sorry for the random question but I am converting a 28' van truck into a toy hauler/RV for my off-road company. I am trying to figure out how much room to allocate for the bathroom. I used to have an old slide out camper that had a toilet in the shower and would like to duplicate that but I can't remember how much room it took up. Also if anyone knows of an RV wrecker in CA that might have something like this complete I would really appreciate the information.

Thanks for the help and sorry for the random question.

~Kirk Oden
I'm not at my coach right now, but you could view a floorplan online at  The drawings are to scale, so you could just pull out your ruler and measure what you need on the screen. Be sure to click on one of the floorplans to see an enlarged view. The numbers 38 and 40 are the overall length of each model in feet (38PDQ = 38 feet).

Hope that helps.
RV bathromms vary in size all over the map. 35-40 foot rigs generally have decent size baths, though maybe with a smallish "toilet room" in the walk-through floor plans. Shorter rigs often sacrifice bath space to leave a bit more for living area.  Since yo are designing your own, you can make your own tradeoffs.

Tom's suggestion of looking at  floorplans is a good way to get ides for your own rig. Most all manufacturers have floor plans on their web sites, so look up some 28 foot models and see what others have done to optimize floor space.
Thats my problem exactly. Most RVs I have seen have small toilet room and separate shower. My problem is that I have 8'-4" long x 4' deep x ~8' high to put a bathroom/shower, fridge, stove, microwave, and cabinets. Not much room. Thanks for the input.

~Kirk Oden
32 square feet for both bath and galley?  That's really crowding it!  You may need what is known as a wet bath, where the shower is barely a cubby hole and the interior of the bathroom gets wet when you shower.  Tiny trailers (e.g. under 18 feet) and some hi-lo types have baths like that, designed to fit into a very small area.
That is basically what I am looking for. When we have both vehicles in the truck thats all the room we will have between the front bumper of the front most vehicle and the wall of the truck. Once they are out of the truck we will have the full 28'-9" x 8'-2" for living quarters with fold down beds, tables and the sort.

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