Weir's Beach by Victoria, BC

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Mar 7, 2005
We're just back from ten days at Weir's Beach--just round the corner from Victoria on Vancouver Island, heading along the Juan da Fuca Straits.

It's an adults-only park of 61 sites.  We had a lovely ocean front site from which vantage point we could observe swans and the usual ocean birds in the ocean, and of course waves as westerly gales did their thing in the Straits.

It's a nice spot for birders--redwing blackbirds, robins, thrushes (I think, given I'm not a birder), lots of ducks, and a pair of nesting swans--pic attached).  The attraction for the birds is a small, stream fed, lagoon.

The disadvantages are a dead cel area, unless you go out on the beach or locate the TELUS "hot spot" on the front lawn, no computer connection (although they do provide a computer in the club house), and about 40km from downtown Victoria--in fact yo0u need a toad if you want to or have to do any shopping.

Nevertheless, my wife and I enjoyed our ten days there.  I needed to get away and re-centre myself; she was happy to come along to birdwatch and read.

All of this is meant to be info for those planning a trip to Vancouver Island which would surely include a visit to Victoria.

Oh, BTW, they told me that in summer the sea weed generates quite a stink, so bear that in mind.




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