went out to winterize...

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Jeff in Ferndale Wa

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Mar 9, 2014
Ferndale, Washington
It's been cold a few nights here in the NW. No hard freezes yet, but have had some frost on the windshields.

I thought I better go out and at least drain all the water out of the TT.
Went to the take the caps off the first drains...Caps were still off from last year ???

Turns out I haven't used the TT since before I winterized last year!
Need to do something about that!

Isaac-1 said:
How is July or August for you?

I work in Alaska May 1-Sep 1, so July and August are out for me.
Last year we spent all our vacation time in the Philippines( 4 weeks), and this year my wife has not had any vacation time coming due to starting a new job last year.
Seems like the weekends always have had something else going on this year.
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