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Jan 13, 2005
After the Qz rally, a couple of days in Yuma, a week in Gila Bend, and a few days at Anza Borrego, we arrived home Sunday evening. The plan had been to head up the California coast but, as we were passing north of LA, we decided to stop by and see some friends Saturday. Stayed the night (after a "real" shower), and Chris decided she wanted to head home from there.

Had a great time with great friends the entire trip. When we pulled up outside the house our neighbor walked across the street with a large box of mail. You wouldn't believe that 90% of our bills are on auto pay. Started unloading the coach and the Burb, but it's rained almost continuously since we got home. Now I have to find space in our already-crowded garage for the stuff we bought on the trip.

Next trip will probably be when Chris' brother and SIL come out in April, followed shortly afterwards by the Moab rally. then more UK visitors. Meanwhile, Chris is making reservations for Mickey Mouse land when her sister, niece and BIL arrive in August. Right after they go home we'll be heading for Oregon, Washington and BC. Have appointments at Davis Cabinets in Junction City, Or and the Monaco factory service in Harrisburg, Or. Looks like the coach will get some use again this year.

Time to start working down the to-do list I generated for the coach on the trip. Haven't yet completed the items on the list from last year!
Glad you had a great trip and arrived home safely.  Did Jim show you the mailbox near Ansa Borrego?

Sam & I are looking forward to seeing you guys at Moab.

Don't recall a mailbox, although Jim showed us around some. Good visitor center there. Picked up a great book on off-road/4WD trails.

We too are looking forward to seeing you both at  Moab.

Yes, we're keeping some things for a future trip. :) Actually, Tom's knee was bothering him and the trip to the mailbox was way too long for him to be comfortable. We did get Chris to Font's Point for sunset.

Good you left something to show them on a return trip.  I would like to get back out to Ansa Borrego sometime cause we sure haven seen it all.
I can tell this mailbox is similar to Smoky's full hookup site at Qz  ;D
Nope we are talking about a mailbox where early travelers left messages.  You will just have to see it.  Probably dates back to the gold rush days.
Hi Ron,

There is a lot at Anza we haven't seen. I wish Terry had been there as the 6 mile hike down the mountain into Hell Hole Canyon would have been gorgeous. It was really nice when we did it a month before. Coyote Canyon is a neat ride as well.


When we were at the Visitor's Center in Anza I showed a picture of the mailbox to Chris. In fact, it might be in the book you purchased. I can't remember if you bought the Anza Borrego Off Road Guide or not.


I know we haven't even began to scratch the surface of what there is to see in Ansa Borrego.  Can you belive that Tom thinking we would tell him about something that wasn't? ??? ???

I hope Tom finds the picture you mentioned in the book he bought. ;D
Yes, I bought that book Jim, now where did I put it? OK here it is. Two mailboxes listed - one on Mojave Road, but I suspect you mean the one Sledgehammer. I suspect from the photos you mean Sledgehammer  :)
Yes Ron, I made Smoky's reservation for that site  ;D
LOL Ron, yes, you'll be like the rest of us, unless you can talk Bernie out of his only full hookup site in Qz.
I'll have to talk to Bernie about that Sat when we are in Phx. :)  I think Bernie is pretty proud of these hookups. Hmmm maybe we can get there before he does. ;D
You know Ron, there might be an idea for a small business making and selling the only truly portable full hookups on the market. The marketing blurb might say something like:

"Don't sweat it trying to find full hookup sites; Just bring along your own. They work equally well in any campground in North America. No need to pay top $$ for a full hookup site ever again."

With apologies to any marketing folks who might read this.

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