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Oct 8, 2005

I am so glad we searched and found your forum!? My husband, Steve, and I now live in Center, CO.? Since meeting each other and getting married a little over a year ago, our common goal has been to live life on the road.? Although we know it will be different (no dispatchers telling us what to do), we are both former truck drivers and are at least a little familiar with that life.

We currently rent, but our goal is very precise when it comes to living life FT in an RV.? We will, realistically, need to do some work along the way.? However, we do have our own business which will lend itself well to life on the road and products that are selling well.? We also have our business online, so that is set up (I keep adding/maintaining daily).? As a former OTR driver, I am well aware of Quartzite!?

We do have some logistical questions about life on the road.? We know that many RV'ers use their desktop PC in their motor homes.? However, we have no idea how to do that as far as connectivity, do we need something added to the hard drive, how do you connect to your ISP, what ISP is best, etc.?? We would appreciate knowing how that is accomplished because it will be an important need for us.?

We have been looking at RVs to get some idea of what's available, the cost, etc.? We are looking at a used RV to start.? We were told just the other day that if we went up to Denver, there are "a ton" of RVs for sale there right now with gas prices so high.? We don't know the truth of that statement, but we are wondering if anyone has any thoughts about that.? We are also curious to know if it is better to go to a dealer or buy from a private party?? If so, why?

We also know there are places (states) where it is to an RV'ers advantage to purchase, license, title, etc. as far as cost.? Any thoughts on that??

I know we have a lot of questions, but I'm sure many of you can come up with even more for us to think about. Any additional information regarding RV life will be appreciated.?

Thank a bunch

Steve & Ellyn George
There are several ways to connect to the internet while on the road: borrowed phone lines, cell phones, WiFi, and satellite.  If you're running an online business you will want a method that is always available, and that is pretty much limited to the satellite systems.  Depending on your budget and how much effort you want to put into it, you can get something using a tripod mounted antenna for DirecWay or Starband or as automatic as the Motosat Datastorm for DirecWay.  Costs will vary from ~$1,000 to ~$5,000.

Good idea to start with something used.  You will soon discover what works and what doesn't for you and after living in an RV for a few months, you'll have a much better idea of what you really want.  There are always lots of used RVs available, particularly in the southwest and Florida.  Don't rush it, and you will find something that will be close to your needs.

The decisions to be made when going full time are many, and we won't cover them all in one message thread.  Check out the resources on the forum home page (click on the Library button near the top of any page) and you can find many answers to your questions.  What you can't find there, come back and ask here and we'll help you out.
Steve & Ellyn George,

Welcome to the RV Forum.  You have found the right place to ask questions and get valuable information.

Ned has given you some good suggestions.  Regarding internet connection we had used our cell phone to connect which was very slow.  We now have two way internet which works very well for us.  Several of the Framily members have two way Satellite internet either the automatic Motosat or manual deployed systems on a tripod.  Either work very well.

Looking forward to your participation here.

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