What RV for first time rental in Florida?

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Dec 12, 2012
With my wife and the kids (6, 7 and 11 year old) we are trying to organize a 18 days Florida road trip in April 2013, we are flying from Paris (France) and we want to visit (Orlando, Miami, everglades and key west).

In my search of the ideal RV I have the choice between

1 ? 30 feet THOR ACE (gas).
2 ? 35 feet MONACO riptide or Fleetwood Fiesta (gas).
3 ? 39 feet KOUNTRY STAR (diesel pusher).

My driving license is 28 year old (I am 47), usually I am good at driving and adapt  to new vehicles quickly but the biggest vehicles I drove are 26 feet limousines (as a student job 20 years ago? ) and 20 feet house removal vans from time to time bearing in mind that here in Europe roads are usually tiny.

My real preference (dream holiday) will be to go for the Kountry Star, not only because I prefer diesel pushers but also because the rental is from a person not a rental company, I exchanged with him by email, he is really a nice guy, he offered to take me for an instruction drive the first ? day (100 miles or so) until I get comfortable with the coach?

For the other RVs (1 and 2) they are rental companies so I guess they will give me the keys and I will have to drive off straight away?

I think everyone have guessed my question?

- Do you think it is feasible to start a Florida trip after half day training on a 39 coach? My concern is not really the size I think I will quickly get used to making wide turns and parking in big RV parks, my real concern are the air breaks (how long does it take to get used to it?)

- According to you which one of the 3 RV should I go for? 

Thank you for your help my new friends  ;)
The smallest one that will fit your "stuff" and family. Gives you more options for parks, shopping, parking etc and less worry. You are not supposed to worry on a vacation.  :D
I would base it on the floor plan. Make sure you fit the RV. What good is it to rent a RV that the beds are too short and your feet hang off or the ceiling is too low and you keep bang your head on the lights, or just can cook a meal because there is no counter space.

So please reconsider your RV rental on living space and layout more than length of vehicle. Because this is where you'll be living for the next few days or weeks...
I would go for the smallest one as well considering the destinations you listed. Also I would favor renting from a rental company rather than an individual. If there is a mechanical breakdown the chances are the company will get you going again more quickly.

Keep in mind there are no campgrounds ( aside from one for military personell) in key west itself. There are some on the islands north of kw but you will need to be using transportation to get from campground to kw. Check out rvparkreviews.com for possibilities.
Thank you very much for the advices, I think you are right, the best option for me was the first so I just booked a THOR ACE (29 feet) it?s the most sensible  for  first time RVing.

Now I will start looking for itineraries, RV parks etc.
By the way, how do you guys visit the different places, cities etc? do you leave the RV in the RV park and get a taxi or use the RV to go around? in that case should we get into RV parks before a certain hour???Before the dartkness ??? 

I know all these are silly questions but I just don?t know from where to begin? well there is always a beginning I suppose  :-[?.


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