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Nov 5, 2018
Hi everyone, I?ve learned a lot from these forums, and find it great that such a community exists to help others and also to swap ideas!  I finally broke down, bought a Thor Axis 24.1 brand new (7-3-18), and sold it last week. Family of 5, oldest is 13, the 2 youngest play club soccer and we?re constantly out of town. I sold the axis because the living space was TINY!  I loved the ?big rig? feel though. I want to go point to point, almost like a conversion van, but want to be able to camp in it as well. So, small as possible, but big enough public space to hang out, play games, etc. But we want to take it out of town and drive it like a big car as well, without a toad. Was thinking about a 24 foot class c, 1 slide for LR with couch, ripping out sink/stove and putting small couch there (we don?t cook inside, we grill or eat sandwiches, eat out; use br sink instead as well, I was thinking). We?d never camp more than 2 days. Then bed in back without slide. OR, that jayco Alante 26x looked like the unicorn I?ve been searching for (lol), huge living area in only 26 feet!  I?d rather spend $40,000 or less, but would stretch if something really hit the spot though. Would love to be less than 26 feet. Any thoughts from some of you more experienced, knowledgeable folks?  I?d drive a bigger one (30 ft ACE?) if I felt good that I could drive it ?like a car? around town (the Axis pretty much worked, but it was $75000 and I HATED how small the inside living area was). Thoughts?  Thank you!!
A used Class C from around 28 feet generally will have a cab over bunk for 2, a rear bunk for 2 and a couch for 1-2 and or a dinette bunk for 1.

I wouldn't rip out the kitchen, that is a bit extreme.

If you are planning extreme remodeling then go old and used.

I have seen a Class C with slides that included bunk beds too!

Keep looking around. There are used options that will fit your lifestyle. May have to travel some to go look at one when you do find it.
I think you have conflicting goals - want both smaller and larger in the same package.  Gonna have to compromise on one or the other, or own two RVs! WHich is more important - the driving or the livability when you arrive?

You can drive anything point-to-point, though parking at the point can be a hassle. Take a look at some small Class A's (they go down to 26 ft) and larger C's.  Something in the 28-30 ft range might work for you. Tiffin and Winnebgao have smaller A's, and all brands make C's in that size range.
I can't help wondering if something like a Winnebago Vista 29VE with its full wall slide might do what you want.  See the floorplan here: https://winnebagoind.com/products/class-a-gas/2018/vista/floorplans

p.s. remember you can save a bundle buying used and a few years old

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