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joe pennsylvania

New member
Sep 25, 2005
Any advice for a young couple looking to buy a RV.  We are in are early thirties I am a principal at a local HS.  We hae a baby on the way.  We have season tickets to Penn State football. We like to travel.
Thanks for any advice.
Hi Joe and welcome. Are you asking which brand to buy or which type of RV to buy? If you're not yet familiar with the various RV types, click the Library button above, select Newcomers need to know, then click RV Types.

If you're asking about a particular brand, give us some idea of what type of RV you're thinking about.
we are looking at a class B.  Used.  We would use it on week end trips.  We would use it on one major trip to Cape Cod,a twelve hour trip, every year.  Plus we have a 130lb dog to haul around with all of his gears.

There are lots of options for Class B RVs/vans out there. You can find some manufacturers listed in our searchable database. Click the Library button above, select Miscellaneous and click Resources database. Enter "vans" (without the quotation marks)  in the search box and click Search.

Hopefully some of our members will jump in with experience of specific brands. Meanwhile, let us know if you have any questions.
I think you will find most Class B's rather tight for two adults, a baby and a big dog. Most of them are essentially vans raised and stretched a bit.  An exception might be a newly evolving class called a B+, which was started by the Gulfstream B Touring Cruiser and is now being copied by other builders. They haven't been out very long and there may not yet be a used one in your budget range.

I suggest you look instead at Class C's and even small Class A's, both of which usually offer more room than a B. And there are a lot of them around and many older ones are still in fine condition. You should be able to find something that matches both your style and your budget. Take a look at a Fleetwood Tioga as an example.

Are you trying to stay small for any physical reason, e.g. limited parking space or a storage building with a low entry?  That of course would make the taller C's and A's less practical for you.

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