What type of RV should I be looking for?

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Jul 13, 2005

I have always been envious of the freedom that F/T RVers enjoy, and I've decided that it's a lifestyle that would be well suited to me, once I get several life issues sorted out. (The big one at the moment being serious identity theft that will most likely require me to apply for a new SS number..)

Anyway.. I have no idea where to start on my choice of RV. I've looked at the various types, and I'm torn between two of them - A truck camper, and a van conversion. (I think the van conversion is called a 'Class B', correct?)

The RV would need to have the following:

  • Room to sleep two people
  • Toilet & Shower facilities
  • Cooking & Food Storage facilities
  • Sink (possibly shared between kitchen/bathroom) for dishes, food prep, and hand washing
  • Climate control
  • Storage (clothes, and the other odds & ends)
  • Table/Desk (For eating, writing, computer use, etc..)

That's all that I can think of at the moment, please feel free to add anything that I may have missed.

I have fairly modest requirements, being a single man. I cook simple meals, and can make do with small living quarters.


We thought about it a lot and for a long time thought for a while that a Class B was what we wanted.

We wound up with a 5th Wheel.

I've been suprised at how much time we spend relaxing inside our RV.

We're not full timers.  As a full timer, you will likely spend a lot of time in one place.  I think you may need space and a two peice rig.

A two peice rig so you can go buy milk & bread without breaking camp.  A truck camper would allow you to do that.

But a truck camper and Class B would be pretty confining.

Most of the full timer's here - including a few singles,  have Class A's with toads or 5th Wheels.
Wow! What a question..  What kind of RV should I get???  Truth is..only you can decide what you can deal with.  Me telling you what RV to get is about as useful as me telling you what woman to marry.  A lot of your choice should depend on your lifestyle and your current situation.  Do you currently have a tow vehicle for a trailer or a HD PU Truck to haul a slide in.  Ask your self a few questions.
1. Do you plan to stay in campgrounds for extended periods?
2.Do you tend to travel around and be nomadic?
3. Is gas mileage important to you? New sprinters are good on gas-
While the above poster is correct in saying that most FT'rs tend to be in Class A's or 5rs'.  It all depends where you look. I worked in the skydiving industry for years and those folks are nomads.  I lived in a 30' Class A and saw people happy in Roadtrek's, VW Vans, TT's, 5rs and even tents and teepees.  What extent of luxury do you need?  Most large A's and 5rs make you forget you are in a trailer with all the fancy things like slides and washer dryers and fancy kitchens.  Do you plan to sit around in your RV? Small rv's have very little room to do much more than the basic necessities. A truck camper has the ability to slide the unit out and leave your home somewhere for a while. This also leaves you driving a truck with low gas mileage around.  A larger unit unit pulling a toad gives you worse MPG in the RV but better with the toad-downfall is 2 insured vehicles needing maintenance.  If you pull in somewhere with a class b and its raining,cold, or blistering hot-you stay dry,warm, or cool while you remain comfortable in your rig.  The truck camper requires you to go outside to get in.  My suggestion is for you to sit down and write down your proposed lifestyle with the rig and the requirement you need from it.  Then take the possible units and write down pros-and cons and just weigh them out and go for it!  You will enjoy it more if it easy to use and fits your needs. 

I have given up the Class A and on the hunt for a class B as it better suits my needs now--its all personal choice..

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