What type of toad shield is better?

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Jun 2, 2006
I drive a MH with a ultra guard solid type mud flap. I found that the mud flap itself was causing rocks to fly up into the car causing very bad paint chips. This only occurred in construction areas. I found the mud flat would rub the ground and flip rocks up into the car. I tried getting a car cover, like a bra which covered the entire front of the car. It helped but now the straps rubbed on the paint causing scuff areas. Well now I have a new tow car and I was thinking of getting one of those shields from Blue Ox.they attach to the tow bar just in front of the car.
Has anyone used one of these Shields and if so how did they work and are there any drawbacks to them?



It depends on your exhaust pipe and patience. My tail pipe comes out the rear of the coach and it burned a hole right thru the material, including the Kevlar heat shield that I added. It was also somewhat cumbersome to install. Another forum member used the shield for their trip to Alaska and had good results.
Trim the Ultra Gaurd shorter (I did that with my Rock Solid flap) or re-mount it higher if possible. That way it won't kick up so many stones.

When we toured Alaska I used a home made rock shield across the front of the car, attached to the tow bar brackets. It worked well for the front of the car except that I didn't make it quite wide enough and got some chips on the outer edges of the front fenders, Where it failed was the windshield area. Stones flew high enough to go over the shield  and hit the windshield (got one star crack) and the adjacent hood area. Every day there were stones in the wiper trough!  Some of te stones were thrown up by oncoming cars or bounced off the front of approaching fifth wheels. I added a windshield cover made from naugahide  and that solved the problem.

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