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Apr 15, 2005
Tom - Thanks for the feedback. What do all those stars mean by your name? We are new snowbirds and new forum folks. In fact new to a large RV. Lots to learn. Many years of camping and boating experience but in smaller RV's.
John and Phyllis!

Welcome to the RV Forum!

Your question is a good one for folks joining our Forum and becoming acquainted with the new software.

The stars and moniker "Newbie" Senior Member" etc is placed there by the software and is based on the number of posts you make in the Forum.

From which area in the North do you originate?  What kind of RV are you travelling with?
Steve WE have a new 36Ft 5th wheel. It is staying in one spot in Palm Springs area and we will go back to a home in the High Sierras for summer. First time doing this. Many folks from Canada her though in area for winter. I would say about 1/2 of them
Edit: I've disabled these features, so the following no longer applies.

John and Phyllis,

There are two separate sets of criteria for stars built into the forum software:

  • Most forum users will be assigned stars based on number of messages posted in the forum. Folks in this category are also assigned a descriptor such as newbie, Jr member, member, etc which is also assigned based on their participation here.
  • Groups, typically forum staff such as admin, moderator, etc. In addition to a fixed number of stars based on their staff function, indiividuals in these group are identified by the title of the respective group.

The two sets of criteria above are mutually exclusive when it comes to displaying stars. So, for example, someone who might be a prolific poster and is in the Moderator group won't see the number of stars associated with their number of posts. All of the criteria for stars are the way they were when the developers released the software; I've done nothing to change their somewhat arbitrary criteria.
John and Phyllis,

I have heard several of my friends talk about spending their winter in Palm Springs, so I'm not surprised to know there are so many Canadians there. 

Also glad that Tom elaborated on the "Star" system. 

If you might have some photos depicting typical scenes at the park where you are staying, would you upload them along with a posting in our Destinations Message Section.

It would be great to get some sample photos of various parks around the Country where Forum members stay to get an idea of various styles of accomodations.

Enjoy the RV Forum!

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