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Nov 6, 2006
San Jose, California
2006 Fleetwood Southwind 37c  Right rear Wheel liner flew off friday night and soared behind motorhome and shot into the middle of the highway.  Looked for it for 1 hour but could not find it. Must have shot back over to the slow lane after hitting the cement divide in the center and over the embankment.  We would have to walk 5 miles along the highway looking for it because you can see that side from the rode.

Question?  Right now trying to find out how much for another one. Is it or isnt it held on with nuts?  If it was held on with 3 nuts as the guy that Im waiting for to call me back and give me a price said.  Why would all three nuts be missing?    985 miles on motorhome.  The dealer had  it friday after looking at furnace but other than that we didn't do anything.

Nuts or no nuts?

Usually these wheel "simulators" are held on with at least a couple nuts. They are threaded on top of 2-3 of the lug nuts and then hidden under chrome covers which look like  high domed lug nuts.

Is it possible somebody was trying to steal them but got interrupted? Left them loose and they flew off miles/hours later? Or maybe they were never tight?
After getting a quote from a authorized fleetwood service center. .  WOW.  $$$$  I was told by the authorized fleetwood service center that he was going to check with fleetwood to see if they would take care of it because the motorhome doesnt have too many miles on it for it to fall off. When he called back he just told me the price.  After talking with fleetwood they also said they were going to check to see what they could do.  After sending them pictures of the tire without the liner and the other one with the liner on.  i was told to have the dealer look into it to see why it could have come off because she said it has two nuts that hold it on and you need a tool to take it off.  WE DIDN"T..  It just sailed off while driving. Ha-ha  Funny...Its covered under our motorhome insurance but even the insurance company said that the would go after the mfg/dealer because as little of miles on it it shouldn't have come off anyways.

sorry just venting.

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