When Drano In An RV WON'T Work...Chuckle

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Jan 1, 2012
Cody, Wyoming - Sometimes
I had to post this simply for the "Chuckle" factor.....

A few days ago I'm driving home from work here in the Texas oil patch and I'm talking to a friend of mine who is doing the same up in North Dakota just outside of Williston.  I'm attempting to commiserate with him about how cold it is up there this time of year but in truth there's a grin on my face 'cause I can still wear shirt sleeves while he's bundled up like Nanook of the North just to use the bathroom. At one point in the conversation he tells me that his shower in the 5th wheel is giving him fits and not draining. He's poured Drano down the thing and let it sit and it did drain when he flushed it with hot water but now the drain is stopped up again.  I suggest to him that he needs to put a beer in a cool cup (so it won't freeze), go outside and open his basement door and pull the P trap, it's probably plugged up with hair or some such and he can just clean it out and be done with it.  Sounds simple enough right??

About a half hour after I get home my phone chirps with a text message and it's my friend, here's the message:

Pulled the P trap and found it full of ice, thawed in microwave and re-installed drain. Shower drains good now. My beer froze before I got back out to put the P trap back on. Now I'm cleaning the microwave, DON'T microwave frozen beer!!

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