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Mar 1, 2005
Goodyear, AZ
We are in Benson AZ for today and tomorrow and were hoping to contact Fred and Daisy. Could somebody privately email their Sierra Visata phone number to us? TIA
With all those phone numbers, one had to work ;)
We had lunch with Fred and Daisy today and we had a great time with them both at lunch and afterward while visiting their new home. Neat place, neat friends.
Ned and I will always remeber being sent home after supper at their place with a whole pan of Fred's great lasagna. They took good care of us while Lorna was up galivanting around in Minnesota, looking after her daughters kids for a couple of weeks. At least that what she says. Personally, I think it was just an excuse to visit the Mall of America :D
Ned, my son, Karl and I enjoyed a very nice Thanksgiving at their home and enjoyed many nice visits with them last fall when we were in the area.  Karl, what is the Mall of America  :D :D
Hi Steve and Jodi;

We are still here in sunny [and windy] Sierra Vista.  Soon it will be time to put things back in the DS and head north.  Living in a house makes hitting the road more complicated than when living in the MH full time.  Lots of things seem to wander into the house. 

Going to visit the Freightliner service center in Wilcox on the 26th of April to see if the new kit for the brake lights will get us brake lights back again.  There is a Service Notice that replaces one 6 amp diode in the circuit with two 6 amp ones.  Think a short in the Jeep wiring must have blown the MH part.

After that we head to Moab and hope to get there between the 28th and 30th or so.  Expect to wander around some of the places in UT after Moab.  Not sure yet how much time we will spend traveling.  Depends on how everything goes.

Jim G.
The rain does seem to be following us so I'll do my best for Montana wet.  It stormed all over us in Portland last night but today's trip east was sunny with one sprinkle all the way here to Mountain View RV Park in Pendleton, OR.  There are clouds around though so I think it is heading your way. 

Wi Fi is $2.50 for 24 hours here by the way courtesy of The Wireless Web.com--nice!


Drop by and see us in Dillon, MT, if you get the chance.  We will be there around April 25th I think.  You are right, things do migrate around when you have a fixed address.  We have tried to stock each so we don't have to transfer much but computer, cell phone and bicycles though.

We plan to attend the hamfest at Three Forks Campground in late July if you are still hanging around the west.

--Steve, Jodie and Posie Cat
Thought we had that problem licked in S.V. this last fall. Bummer. Let me know if you still have trouble after the factory service bulletin fix. If you do, I'll send you a 50amp Schottky diode. That, with a 15A fuse in series, should handle any reasonable load you can throw at it while still protecting the wiring. "HI" to Daisy :-*
fredethomas said:
  Living in a house makes hitting the road more complicated than when living in the MH full time. 


I told Tarry after loading this time that going fulltime would have to be easier.  This has been the longest time we have spent off the road and EVERYTHING worked into the house.  We are in OKC working our way towards Moab.
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