Where is the best place to winter in an RV?

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May 23, 2006
Thinking about living in our rv next winter.  Where are some good places, not too expensive, lots  of activities, etc.to rv in the winter.  We are PA where ii is cold!!!!  We have a BT cruiser that we just bought, will try it out next spring and summer camping in various places in PA.

Helen and Paul
paul1944 said:
Thinking about living in our rv next winter.? Where are some good places, not too expensive, lots? of activities, etc.to rv in the winter.? We are PA where ii is cold!!!!? We have a BT cruiser that we just bought, will try it out next spring and summer camping in various places in PA.

Helen and Paul

The classic snowbirding spots are Florida, South Texas, and southwestern Arizona/southeastern California.  All depends on the kind of scenery you like.  I am familiair with desert SW and there are a raft of activities there in the winter.
Spent many winters in Fl and Al,  last year early on we went to Tx and migrated to Western Phoenix area and been here ever since with a couple of brief excursions back to the midwest.  Hope I never have to go back but know I will, begrudgingly.
Thinking more about Arizona, somewhere where there are some activities.? Would also like to see some of the natural land formations.? Anyone have some ideas?

Smoky and the Admiral  along with my wife and I are here at PEM (Pueblo El Mirage)  west of Phoenix in the west valley.  Easy accessable with ability the view the Football Stadium from here as well as mountains on all four sides of you.Very Nice facility with wonderful people.  Everyone is friendly and parties galore.  Jam sessions often, Karaokee on Sat nights at the Club house,  Great Sunday church services, lots of golf, horseshoes, shuffle alley, lawn tennis, tennis, crafts, cards, and about anything your heart desires.  Lots of Double wides, snuggle homes, parkmodels, Motorhomes, 5vers and travel trailers.  In fact on the 23 of Feb a very nice play to be performed by members of the PEM, writen and produced by my wife and all are welcome.  Smoky and the Admiral talked us into coming here last DEc and we've stayed long enough to purchas a Parkmodel and even a 2nd one.  Thats saying a lot about the place cause I'm hard to please.  Wife says I'm not satified with anything  Why would she say that after 52 yrs of marriage.  Check it out on the Website  Roberts Pueblo El Mirage Rv Resort and countryclub  Let me know if we can be of assistance.

We are in SW FLorida for a month or so and though we have quite a few friends in the SW and will head that way in a couple of weeks there are also quite a few nice parks in Florida if  you want to stay back east. Lot's of Penn license plates around us.

I think the weather is a bit nicer down here south of I-4 in the winter but we do enjoy having SPACE in Arizona.
Did many years in Fl  Too many bugs and Hurricanes.  AZ dry and a few dust clouds at certain times of the years.  Right now  just came in from the patio in Swim suit yakking on the phone to relatives in IL ,  sitting in the cold and in Detroit snowed in.  No bugs here ,  just rake are rocks. Look anyway you want  N< S< E< or W  Mountains  Tough sledding here  NO snow.
as an rv'er who lives in Tempe year-round - I'd have to agree Arizona is a paradise in the winter.
If I had more time off, I'd further explore the north end of the Sea of Cortez (gulf of california).
from San Carlos northwest to rocky Point, then to El Golfo and up and around and down the east side of the baja to
San Felipe - the salt air makes me feel ALIVE! I really am personally familiar with Rocky Point - the others have come recommended to me.
brush up on your spanish.....
Joester  We've got the Mh and the time  just don't seem to be able to get any of those things done.  Always something to do.

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