Where to buy slide seal material for my Rockwood

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Feb 15, 2006
;D Hi my 92 Rockwood has some tears in the slide out seals, they are the kind that snaps on to a metal edge that goes around three sides of the slide ,I made a copy of the seal on paper, not sure where I could order this seal from any Ideas would be great have a great Day, Gil
Possibly from the manufacturer.  Google turned up Rockwood products at:

It looks like rockwood was bought out by forest river, from what I could tell in 1996 so it leaves me with tryng to find .have couple places that have it but need to buy 150 feet of it min, will keep looking thanks for the help, Gil  ;)
Rockwood was actually purchased by Cobra Industries in the early 90's prior to their bankruptcy.  Pete Leigel, a former Cobra owner repurchased this company throught bankruptcy court and changed the name to Forest River.  If you contact Forest River's parts and service department they will be able to take care of you.  Good Luck!

Try this link for a source for RV rubber seals:


Look under MOLDINGS and then FOAM & RUBBER SEALS.? At the bottom of the page there is a profile of the molding that looks like what you are describing. Hope this is helpful.? :-\
Hi all forest river has no idea about the seals, the all data does have the one seal which they want $9.00 a foot for, found it on cleanseal site for 1.879 per foot 100 feet min, so I will go with them for same price can do mine 4 times, thanks for the help as always Gil

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