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Oct 9, 2006
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Hi all,
I will purchase a 99 New Vision Ultra sometime this next week...Yeah!  My question for the panel of experts is this:  should I get tires through the RV dealer or from someplace like Wall Mart  or Sam's Club.  would there be a big savings going through one of the discount place vs the RV dealer???
Thanks in advance
Try the Goodrich dealer.  Or Sams  Don't know if Sams installs MH tires.  Don't try a dealer  if they have them they are probably older unsold tires.  Make ssure you check the dates on them. JMHO  Good luck
Never, ever get anything from an RV dealer you can buy somewhere else unless it is so cheap you can't pass it up, read FREE!!  There are a few exceptions to this but I can't think of one. 

On the other hand, there are some things you have to get there but even so, shop for a price.
If you are near a Camping World you might get a quote from them as some Forum members have found them competitive on price.
Just about any place will be cheaper than an RV dealer - I wouldn't even bother to ask for a price quote from one for tires.

You should be able to get tires in the right size & load range for your trailer through a Walmart or other discounter. Check with them and with other local tire outlets, giving them the size (including load range) for your tires and see who offers the best "out the door" price. That means the price for the tires, balanced & mounted on the trailer, with any and all taxes & disposal fees paid.
:)Will do, thanks bunches for the advice!  Any sugggestions about purchasing a slider hitch???
Thanks again.  Will pay for trailer Friday night then go celebrate!  Just wish I could tow it home!  The guy I thought would tow it is not so keen on the idea now.  OH Well!  keep looking. 
Hope everyone had a really nice Thanksgiving.

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