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Mar 18, 2006
We live in Connecticut  and are planning a trip up to our family's cabin up in Vermont.  I like to plan things out in advance so I'm not driving myself nuts at the last minute.  We are taking the camper and intend to use the on board facilities.  There is only an outhouse up there.  How would I find out places to to dump the waste tanks, or, better yet, is anyone familiar with this are of the country and know of a place I could dump?  Any help would be appreciated.


One thing to consider is a gadget sold by Camping World. It's a macerator pump which is attached to the sewer connection of your RV. You attach a garden hose to the other end and that allows you to dump right into the outhouse.
In addition to Tom's suggestion, most campgrounds have a dump station and will let folks not staying in their park for minimal charge.  Also when we frequented Burlinton VT there was a place near the sewage treatment plant that had a free dump station.
rvdumps.com lists places to dump along the interstates. Don't know if there are any on your route but it might be a good place to start.
Another place that you can often dump is a Flying-J truck stop.  www.flyingj.com for links to a listing of all their travel centers.  Flying J's are truck stops with special islands for RV's and special parking in most cases (The map lists) they also allow overnight RV parking but use with caution... Some folks don't like RV's

Most of them there is a dump station or two at the RV islands

Car islands sell Gasoline.. Truck Disel and RV both  And are designed so you can pump on either side of the rig depending on where your fuel filler is

They also offer discounts to RVers and other frequent or large quanity fuel buyers, And they have Propane

Finally the downside.. Many of the plazzas I visited were not well designed from a traffic manaement viewpoint, It could be hard to get out of dodge, and sometimes the other customers went out of their way to add to the problem

But you should check them out via the web on any trip where you may need to dump.  No charge to dump or fill your freshwater tank but if you use the facalities do patronize the store, gas/fuel  pump or restaurant please
The Fleetwood Discovery Owners website has a number of map add-ons for computer maps such as MS Streets & Trips & Delorme Street atlas.  A couple of them show dump sites across the USA. They have a lot useful map stuff there and you don't have to be a member to download the files.  Other handy map points show Walmarts, Passport campgrounds,  Corp of Engineer parks, low bridges, Cracker Barrels,  C2C/RPI, etc.

See http://www.discoveryowners.com/cginfolinks.htm

Another website for dump stations is American RV rentals - see http://www.americanrvrentals.com/dumpsites.htm
Thanks!  All of you. 

Oh, and thank you for moving this to the correct area.  I should know better.
Ok, I figured out how to import the info into MS Streets & Trips but can't figure out a way to make the pushpin markers go away when I don't want to see them? And we're talking a LOT of pushpin markers.

Two ways I have come up with is to delete the pins on the map you are currently using if you won't need them but have them on your new map template (New North American Map) and the other is I created a map named Walmart, imported the data and then saved as Walmart and I pull it up when I want to see Wally locations.
Thanks, guys. That makes sense. Right now, I just did the Free Oregon/Washington map since that's the direction we're heading next. Don't really need the Wal-Mart markers for the trip since we already know where they all are along our route....we've spent the night at more than one of them  :)

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