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Aug 26, 2006
I am getting ready to retire, 62 next month, single lady, and want to find a rv/cottage "resort" with lots of activities, fun, good weather, and single people!  Any recommendations?
Buy an RV and travel around staying at different places looking for the "right" place to retire. That's what we plan on doing.
We've been looking for almost 10 years for the "right place" and still haven't made up our minds.  There are so many nice areas in this country it is really a shame that eventually we have to pick one.  Wendy is right, travel and see ALL of the country before you make a decision.  You have many wonderful years ahead of you.
roxelle said:
I am getting ready to retire, 62 next month, single lady, and want to find a rv/cottage "resort" with lots of activities, fun, good weather, and single people!  Any recommendations?

Sun City, Arizona or, any equivalent retirement community.  Lots of activities for single people. 


Yep, travel around and check things out. We have found to Eden's, one for winter and one for summer:) However, there are endless options. None East of the Mississippi or in Ca. that we like though. Love the SW and West.
Well...  My retirement plans, which are well on their way to happening include changing my physical address to "Wherever it's parked"  Basically... Think Arzonia or thereabouts in the winter, Farther northi in the summer and wherever it's comfortable year around.
We are happy with Pueblo El Mirage resort west of Phoenix in the wintertime.  So happy, we pay an annual rate so we can have a shed on our lot.  If we ever decide to stop traveling, we would be happy to stay there year round as Shayne and Audrey from this forum do.  It gets hot in the summer but it is dry heat, and we spent all our lives up until last year in wet heat, so it still would suit us fine.

However, Ned makes a good point about traveling around first for a year or two.  The beauty of RVing is your independence and a chance to sample everywhere... something that most people cannot afford to do with stick houses.

We sort of compromised... we rent on an annual basis, travel elsewhere in spring and summer, but have a home base we are happy with.
Glad you are back among the living Smoky and DI'm really settled in here now with 2 Park Models and a MH
Arizona has good press for living there, but we don't think it is that great ( high crime, expensive, etc.). I can post a lot of details but New Mexico is nice. Home base in South Dakota seems to be the current choice among the full timers.........................................................
The SW is really way too hot for us in the summer. Living in Northern CA, we're used to low humidity (aka "dry heat"), but the temps in the SW would really beat us (me) up. Our recent brief period of 113 degree temps just about wiped me out; I was hiding in the a/c most of the time.
Well Tom, I can understand your view. However, the SW grows on you and the dry heat isn't as bad as it sounds. Find shade, drink lots of water, and it is OK. The worst problem is touching metal. Sounds odd, but we had to use pot holders to open our doors and to work wirh any tools outside. Pleasant?? No. But not that bad. 8 years of it and we spend the summers in the mountains :) Sure can't beat the winters though. :D
107 Here today Tom and I unloaded the trailer, it was chucked full of furniture and dishes,  Was afraid to weigh it when we came back in April.  But it's empty now.  That means I can load all the tools and get ready for the Q, if Smoky and the Admiral can toal the Boss into it.  Come to think of it I',  pooped after unloading that thing.  I think Full was an understatement.
Oh, phooey, you guys are all woosies. We lived in Death Valley for 4 years and drove a VW van with NO air conditioning. It's all relative. You build up to the 125 degrees, it doesn't happen overnight. And with 4% humidity, 125 is closer to 110. I'll take the SW over the southeast with its 95 degrees and 95% humidity any day. And I've lived in the worst of both places (Everglades in the SE and Death Valley in the SW).
I love the southwest too but these long hot summers get to you, just like long cold winters back east do. When I lived in Ohio, I couldn't wait for spring.  Now in Arizona, I can't wait for fall.    I didn't mind the heat so much when I was working.  But now that I'm retired, I get bored in the house but it's too hot to work on my hobbies outside or in the garage in the summertime.  Guess it's a good thing we've got a TT to get away in the summer to the high country.  Its only a few  hours from Phoenix to 6,000-9,000 ft.
woodartist said:
...the SW grows on you and the dry heat isn't as bad as it sounds. ...

Not me. We get serious sinus problems in the SW.

The worst problem is touching metal.

Having worked in a steel plant (serious heat), I understand that very well. Hot metal would take the skin off your hands. Had my share of that. No thanks.

We prefer our all-year-round climate, although sometimes it gets a little too hot, as it did this year. That's when we can just hop in the coach and travel north, or hop in the boat and head to the bay or the ocean.
These 100+ summer days are a piece of cake,.  Try St Louis Area in IL at 90 and Humidity out of you know where, Working on the pavement all day. Like being 120 here. Then also it gets below 0 out there and the same job. So no matter what the weather I'll take it and all winter long I'll be wearing my shorts out here.  Same as at the Q
What's wrong with 75 year round?

We have been chasing the cool temps all summer and have done quite well. NW in July and Chicago Spring and FAll after spending the winter in AZ.

Now we have to fugure out how to avoid the rain. 8) 8)
We just got back from spending 2 weeks in North Carolina (Charlotte) and are happy to return to our 105? dry heat. Charlotte had temps around 90? every day and it felt like the humidity was just as high. Most uncomfortable.

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