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Apr 8, 2005
Is Smoky recovering from eye surgury on on the road already?

Doesn't seem like the same old forum without his questions and reports.
Jeff /Washington said:
Is Smoky recovering from eye surgury on on the road already? Doesn't seem like the same old forum without his questions and reports.

I have wondered the same thing.? I hope we didn't make him mad with our teasing.? He has been a good sport with a quick and curious learning curve.? I'll bet he is in the final stages of? getting out of? his house and that downsizing can be very tramatic.? I know. Trips to the? Goodwill,? to the dump and packing for storage.? Good luck.

Betty Brewer
I suspect you're right Betty. OTOH he might be busy buffing out his first scratch.
Tom said:
OTOH he might be busy buffing out his first scratch.

That is exactly what Terry said.? I understand his logic because I recall visiting Tom and Margi at a State Park in Idaho.? They picked out a circular pull through for us and I expertly guided Terry into the spot.? As I was happy to see Tom and Margi I failed to watch the? drivers side closely.? I had him avoid the tree? by inches on the right side but I parked him right up against a tree stump some 30 inches high, not visible from the side I was watching.? The only thing I could do was sit on the ground and cry.? It removed the bark from the stump and Terry spent the next several days buffing out his scratch. So he speaks from experience.? It was not our first nor last issue with scratches but another time for stories.......

Betty Brewer
Our "first" with this coach turned out to be a deep gouge running the length of a couple of bins. That was an expensive mistake and also a story for the campfire.

BTW I can't blame Chris - I was driving and was alone on the trip.

Is that why Chris does so much of the driving now?  ;D
Ron said:
Now we know the rest of the story.

Not really. Chris gets bored very quickly and driving helps avoid that. She also enjoys driving. Suits me fine because I can get online and do other stuff as she drives down the road.
Hi guys and gals!  Oh it is sooo nice to be missed.

I have put over a thousand miles on the pusher and am still in Maryland.  Have had several short camping trips including two visits to Cherry Hill RV Park.  Going there again this coming week with the granddaughter.  Getting toad axle lock put on today.  Going back up to dealer for short list of fixups, next Friday a week.  This past trip forgot my Verizon dongle so could not get on Internet.

My trips are slow.  Have to go slow to avoid those scratches ya know!  ;D

Tonight I will try to upload some new pics.

I am saving a long list of questions, so don't fret!!  Heheh.
Ron said:
figured you were out playing with Big Sky.

Some of us thought he was licking his wounds, er buffing his scratches.

I wish someone would invent a device that could look a couple miles down the road to spot overhanging branches.  Sort of like a remote front view long range camera.  I just cannot believe how many side roads in Maryland are not properly trimmed.  I can only assume all the 18 wheelers I see on them just slam into them and don't care about them.  I have reached the point where I simply no longer care about holding up traffic, and I will creep through such areas at a snail's pace to minimize the scratching.  I don't think most auto drivers realize my concern and they get quite annoyed with me.  :mad:
Something else for you to think about Smoky
I went into a campsite in Columbia and hit the low flying electic wires

How about installing a radar? OTOH that would add to the height of your coach.
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