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Jan 13, 2005
I'm about to buy a Fumoto oil drain valve, ready to install at my next oil change. But I'm vascilating between the regular valve and the one with the nipple for attaching a hose. Any comments on either one?

I believe I can just about get a 5 gallon oil bucket under the regular valve, but having the valve with the nipple provides an added degree of freedom.

I've changed my MH oil a couple of times (10 gallons).  The most perplexing part is, "how do I get rid of the old oil".  I usually pump it from the 10 gallon plus pan back into the, now empty, original 1-gallon oil containers so the local trash recyclers will pick them up.

It seems to me that it may be easier to have the fitting with a hose connection.  In that way the first time you could drain the oil into, let's say, 1-gallon plastic milk containers one at a time by turning on the valve until the milk container is almost full and then turn off the valve, and so forth until all the oil is drained into 10 separate 1-gallon containers.

Then, of course, if you save the 10, now empty, 1-gallon plastic oil containers you can use them next time you punish yourself by changing your oil.

Last but not least I have an oil filter holder the purpose of which is:  When I fill the new filter with oil it is in the holder (see photo) so I can slide it under the MH and right under where it screws on WITHOUT spilling oil.  It was a gift from one of my best friends!!!



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Thanks for the photo of the oil filter holder Jerry. That's definitely another "why didn't I think of that" items. All the oil filters I've changed over the years and I'm always balancing an old filter  or putting it in a regular bucket.

Recycling the oil is not an issue. I buy oil in 5 gallon containers and use the old containers to catch the old oil. I then take them to our local marina where they have a huge recycling tank and empty the contents of my containers.

The issue with the drain valve is that, since the bottom of the Fumoto valve with a nipple will be lower than the top of a 5 gallon container, I'll have a kinked hose. The valve without a nipple or the existing drain plug are just above the top of the container. Of course, if I use one gallon containers, that wouldn't be an issue, but I'd be opening and closing that valve a few times.

FWIW I use 20 gallons of oil for an oil change on the boat, which is why I buy oil in 5 gallon containers.

I have the valve with the nipple & hose? attached & just fill the prior years oil containers & take them to Walmart, I never spill a drop. The first year you get it just use plastic 1-2 gal water containers to catch the oil...Save the empty oil containers & box for next year.

Thanks Terry. That seems to be the best way to go. The 1-gal containers are probably easier to drag out from under the coach when full than the 5 gal ones I use now.

BTW have you had any leaks or drips from the Fumoto valve?
Robert, Yes it does have Jacks, but I prefer not to be under there if a jack gives way. Remember that I'm a tight fit under there. Maybe I should overinflate the tires  ???
Use the jacks to raise the coach, then put jackstands under the axles.  The techs that work on our coach use the jacks to raise the chassis, but they're much skinnier than we are :)
That sounds like a lot of work and two more things to buy. I'll just keep the jacks down.

>>BTW have you had any leaks or drips from the Fumoto valve?<<

Not in 7 years...but you never know about tomorrow.<G>

Refrigerator Cooling unit? just failed , second time in 7 years....I HATE there refrigerators.

Terry, sorry to hear about the refr problem. Will you be able to get the cooling unit replaced? I have a refr that just went out at home. Last time I asked a refr repair company they told me it was cheaper to buy a new refridgerator.
The oil drain valve I use can be seen at:http://www.oilchangesystems.com/oil_extractors/qc_oil_drain_quick_couplers.php
Works great for us.
Tom said:
That sounds like a lot of work and two more things to buy. I'll just keep the jacks down.

You could raise the coach with the jacks then put some 2X10s under the tires then let the jacks down. That would get you the inch you need to clear the bucket.  :)

>> Will you be able to get the cooling unit replaced?<<

Yes I bought the Dometic warranty good for 6 years after the last refrig replacement, it is the only extended warranty I have ever bought because these refrigerators are so trouble prone & expensive. This double door refrig cost over $3700 to replace.

LOL Don, maybe I should put the flagpole out while I'm at it. The guy in this photo didn't quite get the flagpole all the way under the jack  at QZ  ;D


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Terry, I knew I should have taken out the extended warranties on the appliances at home. The microwave blew a magnetron, the cooling unit on one of the refridgerators froze and, one of the ovens quit working.

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