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Sep 18, 2006
Tampa, FL
I just bought a 2000 Class C.? The tires look great but I'm concerned because I don't know how to find out what year they were manufactured.? Once I find out if I need new tires,? which ones do the majority of owners buy?
Look at the lettering on the tire nearest the wheel rim.? ?You will see a seriail number that starts with the letters DOT.? The whole number will look like

DOT? MA? L9 ABC 0306.​
? ?

MA is the manufacturer code.? L9 is the size code ABC is an optional mfr code.

0306 is the date of manufacture.? O3 is the week of the year, the 3rd.? O6 is the year, 2006.

The code system changed in 2000 so this dating does not apply to tires manufactured in 1999 or earlier.? If that is the case with your tires, get them off that RV, they are way too old to be safe!
See this article in our glossary for how to find and read the date codes on your tires.  Often the tires will be mounted so the DOT code is on the inside so you may have to crawl under to read it.
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