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Aug 17, 2006
We are shopping around for insurance on our Class A motorhome and wanted to see who everyone is using. Do you typically use the same carrier for your autos/home/etc? Or are there some specialty carriers that provide better rates/coverage? Thanks in advance!!
You'll likely get a spectrum of responses. Run a search here on 'Insurance' and you'll see some of the prior discussions on this subject. Personally, I use the same carrier I use for our cars and home, but that doesn't appear to be the norm.
We use the same carrier for house, cars, and motorhome. We've shopped around but because we're long-time customers and have it all lumped together, we haven't been able to beat the rates. I suspect something will have to change when we start full-timing.

Like you, we enjoy significant multi-vehicle, loyalty and other discounts by using the same carrier. OTOH seeing some recent posts here discussing Progressive, I requested a quote online and it was significantly lower than what we're currently paying. But I haven't yet compared the coverage and exclusion details, so it might not be apples to apples.
We also got a quote from Progressive, also Geico. Both were considerably higher than what we pay now. Insurance is such a game and so much depends on where you live. It's nice to know that our longevity with the same company gets us some kind of benefit although we do get new quotes from different insurers periodically just in case.
We use a separate carrier for the motorhome - our auto insurer (AARP/Hartford) has a pretty decent motorhome policy and  competitive rates (after multicar etc.  discounts) but did not offer total replacement value coverage, so we switched. Picked up slightly better fulltimer coverage as well.

We use the Explorer RV agency, which is a company-owned agency of National Interstate.
I have allstate for the house and my cars. When i called for a quote on my motor home. My agent told me there rates on RVs are very high .As he recommended i called progressive and that is who i use. I will say when i first started with them my mh was 11 years old. full coverage towwing and road side asstense including a tow car or trailer. I pay $ 456.00 a year. I don't think that is bad at all.
p.s. I have been towed 3 times one road side assistance and a total loss due to a fire . Went from a class c to a class a  again it was 12 years old when i got insurance on it and the price did go up but only $ 75.00 a year.
I have insurance on the towed and mh (no house to insure) from CampingWorld.  I phoned AARP to get a competitive rate and found out they are both the same insurer.  I'm a fulltimer, so I think the coverage is a little different than house/car/mh coverage. 

I also buy the CW warranty coverage, but it has a huge deductible and is basically useless except for a multi-thousand dollar claim.  They always give the ridiculous example that you can claim the refrigerator and air conditioner on one claim to justify the deductible.  How often do both of those go out at the same time?  The guy at the nearby CW said the same thing the other day during a conversation, and it occurred to me maybe they're saying if you have to claim one appliance, toss in the other to get a new freebie.



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