Who made My Four Winds??

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Apr 25, 2006
I just bought a 1992 Four winds 23' class C

Does anyone know who the manufacturer is / was on this old beast?

I've looked around and don't see anything obvious.

OK I found them. I was hoping for more info on parts ans service though. I guess they want the dealers to do that.

>>All the RV manufacturers that I know of sell parts through their dealer network rather than direct.<<

Country Coach sells direct from the factory....When? need a part I call them & they ship it to me by an carrier I choose.
Not for Northwoods, makers of Artic Fox and Nash and a few other lines.  But, then again, ew are actually speaking about Thor!  Curious as to what parts, the majority of items are all interchangeable anyway.  Fridge is Dometic or Norcold, etc.  Cabinet doors on the other hand...

Good luck on proprietery parts from 1992 though.  With Winnebago you would be in luck.

We've bought parts direct from Holiday Rambler (Monaco).
Well the door hinge is pretty shot for one thing, but mostly I was looking for manufacturer support...Oh well
We wanted to buy just one hinge for our door from Monaco but they will only sell the complete set of 3 for over $200.  We can live with one broken hinge for that price.
Have you tried any of the used parts or salvage places? Click here for a list of some such places.
We stopped at the largest salvage house in Elkhart and we could buy a whole new door assembly, but not just a hinge.
I found door hinges here http://www.rvshop.com/index.php , $16 for a 72" long 3" wide hinge ;D
Ned  If you can contact Colaw Salvage in Chillicothe, Mo  and locate the right hinge you need, I'll be going right past their door on Monday AM heading back to Pueblo El Mirage, near Russ's place.  Would be more than happy to pick it up for you and bring with me this next week. Jut let me know before I leave here Sunday, Cause I will shut this stupid laptop down till I arrive in El Mirage to water Smoky and the Admirals' flowers. Would be glad to help.;
Thanks for the offer, but we're long gone from the Phoenix area.  I have not been able to locate the hinge anywhere than Monaco, but we'll keep looking.  Someday we'll find it :)

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