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Mar 12, 2009
Getting about 1 e-mail a day like this:

"This is an encrypted OpenPGP message.
In order to decrypt this mail, you need to install an OpenPGP add-on."

From this address on the last one; [email protected]

Never opened one, anybody know what this is.
OpenPGP is an free encryption system that is popular with some people wishing to encrypt their emails (for whatever reason).  However, that encryption also defeats any malware detection/scanning in your email client or your mail service.  For that reason, the same basic rule still applies: Do NOT open mail or attachments from source you do not know.  If the encrypted mail is not from a person or company you know and trust, just trash it.  Any legitimate sender would surely have notified you that they were sending encrypted mail to you.
To add to Gary's reply, as a professional I.T. person I urge you to not open ANY message of that type even if you already know the sender.  I've seen more than one virus/trojan propagate through my organization because a valid and known email address was hijacked and used as the vector.

If you ever receive such a message from someone you know, before you try to decrypt, contact to the sender and ensure it is legitimate.  If such a message comes from an unknown sender, then just delete it.


Dan K.

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