WiFi Choices

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Bob Zambenini

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Mar 4, 2005
Orange County California
We beat this subject to death on another thread but what I see is an rapidly growing availability of WiFi choices, not just in big metro areas like were I live here in Southern California.

This is a real situation from this past weekend.

I checked into a Marriott on 9th floor at a medium sized midwestern city and fired up my computer.

Marriott had a network cable on the desk and you could have internet for $9.95 a day. No weekly.

Then I saw networks showing wireless access points and with my Linksys wireless G I had SIX networks available and 5 were open access.

One was DEFAULT. One was Fairfield Inn and one was Motel 6. Looking out my window I could see the Fairfield Inn (Owned by Marriott!) and the Motel 6 both only a few blocks away.

Fairfield had two networks open with no sign on restrictions. Motel 6 had a sign on screen which stated you were logging on to a open network and asked you to check the agree box first, but no words whatsoever that you had to be a paying guest to use this network.

So here are the questions:
  A. Pay Marriott $9.95 a day to check your mail?
  B. Log on Fairfield as they are owned by Marriott?
  C. Log on Motel 6?
  D. Don't log an any because you are afraid of being on open network or feel you would be stealing?
  E. Drive over to local McDonald's who have free WiFi and no restrictions on use?

I'd go with fairfield myself.

And I'll bet money there is a "Free Wi-FI" sign somewhere about the Fairfield.

Of course on those occasions where I check into a Marriot... There is no handy Fairfield Free Wi-Fi nearby :-(
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