Wild Flower Photo From The Spillers

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Jan 29, 2005
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I received tha attached photo from John & Ellen Spiller along with the following note:

Ron, since I am not sure how to post that photo, why don't you go ahead with
the copy we sent you, if that's possible.  Gorgeous isn't it?  I am
scheduled for a preop appointment on the 25th, so we shall see when the
surgery will be forthcoming.  Missing you guys in Moab.  That picture is
taken in a rather "empty" area of California.  Some interesting things out
that way.  It is about halfway between the San Joaquin Valley and the Ocean.

John & Ellen

Thanks for sharing thea t gorgous photo of the wild floweres.  Great photo.
Hope your upcoming treatments are successfull.



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I can't "off the top of my head" give you the hiway number, but you head west off of 5 just North of the Grapevine.  It goes out by Lake Cuymaca, if I'm not mistaken and takes you into Santa Maria.  When I get a chance I will dig out the mapping program and find the exact directions.  It is a very empty part of California.

Ellen Spiller
Huell Howser just did a segment on the Carrizo Natl. Monument.  If you look on your map, it is further north than the hiway to Cuymaca.  One of the pictures showed a lake in the background. Sure looked pretty.

Ellen Spiller

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