Wind & Weather Info on the Road

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Mar 3, 2017
NW Illinois
I?ve often thought it would be nice to know the wind conditions while on the road. A friend put me onto a website: (also available as an App).

I?ve found it useful and thought some of you may too.

I used a lot of DOT websites for road conditions the last two winters. Each state has its own. I also would look up any highway cams. These were helpful in the mountain passes, and places like Flagstaff to see up to the minute whats going on. You gotta love the web. Two years ago we were coming into Bakersfield California, and the DOT website was calling for high winds in the pass we were heading for. We called it a day, and stayed at Bakersfield. An hour later, a tractor trailer was blown on its side on the road we would have been on. All info is good info.
I love traffic cameras for checking road conditions. I have a 30 mile commute, so it's common to have several inches of snow on the ground at home while we only have flurries at work. The cameras have saved me from getting stuck in traffic many times.
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