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Mar 31, 2012
Martinsville, IN
I have a question for you guys. Are you suppose to replace your windshield seals after so many years? To look at the seals they look brand new, no cracking or fading, but after just returning from a trip to Florida the air leaks drove me crazy and at times were pretty drafty. My coach is a 97 so it is not a new one by no means. I just wanted to ask you guys before I asked an RV dealership. Thanks for any input.
No, they are not a regular replacement item. And I wouldn't ask an RV dealer about them either - go to an auto glass shop if you have windshield air leakage problems.

What can happen is that the windshield shifts in the frame.  The RV's front cap is often not very rigid by itself, plus it may twist and shift on the vehicle as you drive over bumps and around turns. Over time, the windshield works its way loose. A glass shop and remove and reset it if necessary, and will have the skills and tools to do the job.
Are you sure the drafts and leaks are actually coming from around the windshield.  There are many other possible sources of air leaks in the front cabin area.  I would be surprised if the seals look good, as you say, and still let in that much air.
jmann7x said:
II just wanted to ask you guys before I asked an RV dealership. Thanks for any input.

Take it to a glass shop that does windshields like Safelite or one of the other national chains.  That is what the RV dealer will probably do anyway and it saves the RV dealer add on.
To add a question:  what can we do about the deafening noise that appears to be coming from the windshield while we're driving? You can't hold a conversation, hear the radio and almost need to wear earplugs. It's very grating on the nerves. We've had the windshield 'reseated' x2. We're heading out next weekend and hoping the 2nd time is the charm and our travel will be more peaceful. PS: we did have a water leak around passenger-side windshield discovered when parked & it rained. That, too, is supposed to have been repaired.  What else might be the cause of the noise problem, and any suggestions for making front of coach a more peaceful riding experience?

What else could have an air leak? Well our entry door had air leaks around it, and the drivers window had an air leak. Both were hard to locate, but I believe we have them looked after now.

Linda, we have similar rigs and we have no wind noise at all with our 07 Beaver. Our side windows can set up a howl if the wind deflectors in the bottom slots are missing. Replacements are available or you can move some from rear windows forward to check if that's the problem. Our door has a seat that inflates when the rig is running. Apparently it is difficult to adjust it properly. Our rig went back to the factory twice before it got fixed right. Even now, if we open the entry door when the rig is running it will not seal back up properly until the rig is turned off allowing the seal to deflate, then restarted.

To pinpoint wind noise get a stethescope, medical or mechanics, either one will do. Pull the bell off so you have an open hose end. Then while driving and hearing the noise, have someone place the open end around anywhere that you suspect the leak. The noise in the stethescope will confirm exactly where the leak is.

driftless shifter said:
You don't need a stethescope, a length of garden hose works better.


You might be right. When I'm leaned across the dash holding myself up with one hand, running the end of the hose around that far corner with the other hand, I just use my other hand to hold the garden hose to my ear. And the large hole of a garden hose pinpoints and trasmits small sounds much better than the smaller hose of a stethescope. Since we all carry a 3 foot section of extra garden hose in our unlimited storage space on our RV's, the availability of a clean fresh gardern hose that never laid on the ground next to the sewer hose is assured. Even though I'm very comfortable putting old garden hose that laid on the ground next to the sewer hose, where the guy before me had his big spill, not all are.

You've convinced me, a garden hose is BETTER than a stethescope.

You can get a lot of "whistle" without having an actual air leak. For example, a common problem on my brand of coach is a whistling noise from a roof mounted spot light. With the spotlight at some angles, it causes a loud whistle that sounds like it comes from the windshield but is actually on the roof.  Another example: In a previous coach we had a wind whistle - sounded like blowing over a bottle top - that turned out to be the metal bars in the grill vibrating at certain speeds. The factory added vinyl sleeves over the back of each bar to stiffen them slightly and alter the air flow, and no more noise. In other reports I have heard of noises from awnings, door hardware, and improperly fitted doors.
Thanks for all the replies. We are adding your suggestion/fixes to our 'to do' list before we depart. Really, though, I'd already bought a pkg of earplugs for us. Glad to know they can be "plan B" now!  ;)
Thank you for the input on this subject. It is definitely  air leak because as we traveled in to the colder climate it was quite a temperature difference and quite chilly at times. I will try the hose thing to pinpoint it. I have had my side glass replaced and it did the same thing prior to that so I do believe it is the windshield. Once again you guys are such a great help!Thanks to all and I will update everyone on my repair.
You do realize that with the whistling gone you can hear and are expected to talk with DW don't you?

You might also check under the dashboard. I found quite a few cold air, hot air, rodent entry points, et al under ours.  I thought I had seal issues as well.
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