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Ernie n Tara

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May 16, 2009
Ft Myers, FL

I'm considering buying the above rig (2009) and have a couple of misgivings:

* Will the basement Air Conditioning handle high summer temperatures (95 deg. plus)?
    (Anyone know what the AC is rated in BTU? One fact not in the brochure.)
* Adequate storage under?
* How reliable is the computer in determining the condition of a Diesel?

General opinions really appreciated.


check this thread...

I think we have this basic model in an Itasca, not sure though.  Anyway, the basement AC, will struggle at 95 deg +, especially if no shade.  It could probably keep the coach down in the high 70's but it will run continuously in those conditions. 

The only "major" issue we've had is the hydraulic pump for the slides and jacks.  After three episodes/failures, knock on wood, the last shop seems to have nailed it and it has performed well since.

here's the manual:
The AC is a two ton unit, 24,000 BTU and is about one ton short for a dark painted 40-footer with 3+ slides.  You might be okay with two tons in 34 feet.  I really like basement air and the way the heat pump is integrated with the gas furnace.  It's also an ideal setup for those times you are on 30 amp power because the energy management system can cut power to the high blower speed and compressor #2 as required.

There is a bunch of historical data available in the engine computer that a Cummins tech would have to pull.
Hi Ernie,

I can speak to most of your issues as I own a 2010 34Y.  First the AC.  In the 34Y the AC unit works very well.  We have been in many 100+ temps and the AC keeps us very comfortable. There is a few caveats here.  The AC will pretty easily keep you 20 degrees cooler than the outside temps as long as you are smart about it.  By that I mean that you wouldn't want to  wait until it's 95 outside to close up and expect the AC to drop the inside to 70 in a few minutes.  The very nature of an RV with all of it's windows and seams all work against any AC unit that you have. 

The second is you can help yourself by using awnings and getting window tint.  But that is the same for any RV.  The 30 amp in my rig will run both compressors on the AC unit as long as I don't have a lot of other electrical draws going on at the same time.

As for the storage issue, that was my one disappointment with the 2009.  When I was shopping for an upgrade to our 32' Meridian I went to the dealer to look at a 09' 34Y.  I loved the floor plan, but the storage was disappointing.  As a full timer I needed as much storage as possible, and the 09' was not sufficient for my needs.  That was one of the major reasons that I went with a new 2010 34Y was due to the redesigned storage. 

The computer in the Cummins has been flawless.  If a diagnostic test shows that the motor has no problems, and it looks like the rig has been well maintained, I would have no issues in making a deal.  These motors on the Freightliner chassis are amazingly durable. 
We've changed horses in that we found a 2011 34y at a reasonable price ( for a coach with 5100 miles on it). We're now waiting for it to come in - Wed or Thurs hopefully. I don't see a great increase in storage though. With luck, we'll head for the Keys on a shake down cruise this week end.

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