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Oct 14, 2011
Niagara Falls, Ontario
I have the 2012 Winnebago ERA. It has the macerator to help drain the black and grey water tanks. The hose is a 1 1/2 inches of hard plastic about 10-12 feet long. Now when I say it is hard I mean it is very hard and inflexible. My problem is trying to get it in and out of the storage area where it is attached permanently to the drain for the tanks. It is suppose to 'fold up" in a very small area which is next to impossible to do in the warmer summer weather. In the colder weather it all but impossible. I am now looking at an alternative sewer hose system.

I am thinking about cutting the hose off so that only 1-2 feet extend past the opening of the sewer bay doors. Attaching a fitting at the end that will allow me to attach an ordinary garden house and use that to drain the tanks. In my case I only use the grey water so I really don't see this as being a problem.

This would make putting the hose back a breeze and still would allow easy emptying of the tanks.

Any thoughts or ideas. Has anyone else had a similar problem with their ERA sewer hose?? Have you  come up with an alternate solution??



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