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Dec 7, 2011
Grand Junction, IA
Sitting here at Lichtsinn Motors(in Forest City) having our 2012 Itasca Ellipse worked on.  Had the coach here by 7:30 and the problem was diagnosed and part was ordered by 8:15.  Come to find out that the dealer can not go and pick up the part until about 2:30 pm.  After talking twice to owners relations at Winnebago I was informed that it took 4 to 5 hours to process a parts order.  The individual informed me that even if a dealer walked in the door to pick up a part that it would still take 4 to 5 hours to get the part.  Now, I know that the staffing today is limited but I was told that this is the normal business procedure.  Am I wrong here or could Winnebago streamline there parts department?  I realize that the normal orders will be processed and go out with the afternoon shipping but I believe that something could be done for orders from dealers that are close enough to pick up the part and speed up the customer's experience.  Just my morning rant as I sit here and wait.  I do appreciate Lichtsinn for getting us in and hope to be headed south soon!!
If the part were at the Service Center they could pick it up right away, but most parts are at warehouses and have to be brought into the Service Center. Ame thing happens during GNR.
I can understand your frustration being so close to the Mothership. 

But if Winnebago had to stop every time a local dealer needed a part, it would make their parts process move even slower for other dealers.

I know the company I work for in Mpls. tacks an extra charge on for "Same Day Willcall Pickups" mainly because of the inefficiencies it causes our company.

Hang in there!  You'll soon be somewhere warmer than Iowa!!
I just wonder how many hours of labor I was charged at the factory service center while they waited the four or five hours for the part to be brought to them from the warehouse?
Many of the common parts are located in the service/parts building but some are in huge warehouses on the factory campus.  One parts warehouse I saw must have been 30-40' high with racks and racks of parts.

If 4-5 hours is their normal parts pull process, then it is what it is.
And here is another thought. I would rather have a company tell me the truth when I call, instead of lying to me and saying "oh, we will get right on it".  And I still wait 4-5 hours and now I'm madder because I was lied to. 

At least I can leave and go somewhere else if I want to, not expecting the job to be done "any minute".  Like John said, it is what it is, just don't lie to me. 

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